Getting organized

27/02/2006 § 2 Comments


Today we are spending lots of time trying to stay on track with organizing the house. It seems like we still have so many ‘things’ to donate, throw out, file, do we really need that?, etc. We spent time on the kitchen last week and it can actually be walked into! Now it’s the dining/living room. It’s kind of an open area with the front door arch ‘seperating’ the two rooms. I have the go ahead to use the dining room as a partial classroom-yay-so I just need to get the book shelves in a good spot and then start filling them with books! That’s all. Oh, I have to clear a path so I can work. 🙂 In the meantime my Lovebug is being so helpful. She bucks a little, but I think there has been a change in her since Asa became her stepfather. He has really stepped up to the plate as far as treating her as his own. It is so sweet to watch their relationship blossom! Anyway, I hope I can get the house into shape before too long. This spring I would like to have an open house/house warming type get together w/friends and family. I think right now I’ll just concentrate on the immediate needs. Setting up school and walking paths! I better get to it. I just turned around and it’s STILL staring at me! 🙂 Have a very blessed everything! Traci 🙂


It's Friday-date night!

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So, tonight we are bringing Kayla to my sister’s to spend the night. What will my DH and I be doing you may ask? We will be having dinner at a nice hotel and then spending the night! Kind of like a honeymoon revisited. We’ll stay up late talking and MAYBE watching some cable. It’s a slim chance but maybe we’ll find a decently clean movie on. We don’t watch a whole lot of tv at home so needless to say we don’t have cable. Usually there’s not much on anyway. Regardless, we actually have OTHER plans. I am just in awe of how God set up marriage. I’m kind of glad I didn’t know how wonderful it would actually be, otherwise I would have sabotaged it years ago! Of course I had my suspicions and daydreams… For how worried I was before the wedding, I feel so silly to think about it now. Asa and I are doing quite well I think. I must say, our secret for success is completely wrapped up in our personal relationship with Jesus. When we tend to that regularly, we can only reap the benefits when we come together in Christ. I am soooooo looking forward to the days, weeks and years to come! Especially if this is just a small taste of what is to come! I would like the WHOLE order please. That scripture about tasting and seeing that the Lord is good is becoming alive to us. Asa’s desire is to be the best husband and father and mine is to be the best wife and mother. As long as we draw on the Lord for all we need in order to accomplish those goals, success is unavoidable! Thank you, thank you my sweet Jesus for Who you are and what You’ve changed our lives into! We want more and more of You. Help us to keep pressing on and into You. May You receive all the glory and honour and praise for all You’ve done for us, to us, with us, in us, through us and so on! You truly have been our Salvation.

Ahhhh, my day off!

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So, Tuesdays are my day off and I really like them. I get to sleep in(a little) and take my time(sort of). It’s such a blessing that Kayla is 12 and somewhat of a selfstarter. We still need to write out a schedule, but she at least knows what needs to be done and tries to do that–before I get out of bed. Now, don’t get me wrong, she sleeps in a bit too. I’m usually gone when she wakes up so it makes me feel like I’m not leaving her alone as long, you know, because she’s unconscious. I have been struggling a lot w/that lately. I know there is grace because I sort of have to work right now, but I have been increasingly sad that I have to leave her alone to wake up by herself and to fend for herself. She’s is perfectly capable, but we miss that precious time in the morning making breakfast memories and snuggling together. Maybe I need it more than she does.(Probably) If you think of it, could you join your prayers w/mine that my DH Asa would have a peace about making this step? He is a financial man and money and numbers are important to him. (A very good thing.) It can be a real struggle for him sometimes because he takes his charge of being the provider for his family very seriously. We’ve only been married since January so it hasn’t been long enough to really see how our budget is going to unfold, so I can understand his caution. However, my personality is a wee bit different. I would just as soon follow the leading of my heart and THEN figure out the repercussions as they come–if they come. That’s why we’re married. We need the balance the other one supplies to us. Soooo, that is NOT what I had intended to write about at all! It feels good getting it out though. I tend to keep things like that inside. I have actually been feeling that since a month or so before the wedding. I have only recently mentioned it to my DH. THAT was hard. I want to honor him so much and I don’t want to come off as questioning his decisions. HE asked me if there was anything I had on my mind–of course I took him up on that invitation! That was kind of weird. He was never like that when we were courting. Now, he wants to be more involved in my life–like he’s my husband or something! How splendidly wonderful! Well, the day is moving on w/out me and I’m in need of a snack. (Among other things) Have a very good day and may the Lord Jesus richly bless you above all that you could ever imagine, hope or think! Loving Him more and more through His love for me–Traci 🙂

Have you ever…

20/02/2006 § 1 Comment


…wanted to talk about something but couldn’t come up with anything to say? I sat down at the keyboard feeling like I really wanted to say something and just ramble. Now that I’m here, I can’t think of what I want to write about. I guess the day is catching up w/me. A long one at work. Very long in fact. Well, my DH is waiting for me to help clean so maybe something will click later. I hope the love of Jesus will be shown to all of you in a deeper way this week. So deep, you may not know what to say or even how to explain it. Trying To Love Him Continually, Traci 🙂

Ok, now I'm off and running…

17/02/2006 § 1 Comment

Thanks for the support of my DF(darling friend-that's right, right? Unless it already stands for Darling Frog? Maybe?…) Ali and for the correcting of a typo. Yes, what I MEANT to say-BY my lack of techno savvy. I just wanted to use that expression in something. I think it's so fun to say. Techno savvy. That sounds so smart doesn't it?…Savvvvvy… I have had a real fun afternoon becoming more familiar w/my blog site. I was able to tweak out the graphics and voila! A mini-masterpiece! The blog you see before you. I like it right now. For now. I should take this time to foreworn you, I actually LIKE change-for the most part. Change means progress and who wants to stay the same? I do agree that there is a nice, comforting stability in 'same'–it suits me quite well on some things. But, I am always up for adventure and a good challenge. I am just sort of lacking in the 'finishing' catagory. I have made great strides over the last few years though. I have actually finished quite a few things-the challenge is staying on task. I'm sure no one else could possibly relate, right? Right. I do have a kudo to send out to my blogger friend dawilli–she finished the thumb on the fuzzy purple mittens!!!!! I was there, and actually witnessed the thrilling event! Way to go Ali! In ALL seriousness, they look great and it feels great to finish, doesn't it? I'm smiling just thinking about it… So, my lunch has been consumed and I think I hear a little voice calling me to help w/Math please mom. It is always going isn't it? I love this part! 🙂

OOHHHHHH! Right, save first THEN enter!

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Ok, so, I had this clever ‘introducing:my first blog’ type paragraph-plumb full of snappy quick-wit and cuteness and everything. I didn’t realize I had to SAVE it before going on and pushed the WRONG button and lost it! Oh the devastation! My world wide web debut thwarted but my lack of techno savvy. Oh bother! It just can’t be reproduced. Well, I guess I can come up with something later. You’ll just have to tune in next time to see where our young hero ends up. Bon Soir ma Roi, Bon Soir ma beau cher, Bon Soir ma belle fille, Bon Soir le Monde… tc 🙂

Is this thing on?

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I shall attempt to master this thing later… Can anyone tell me how to work this thing? How is that possible, I never typed that! Stop, that’s not the right date/time. Oh bother! I’ll be back…

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