Ok, now I'm off and running…

17/02/2006 § 1 Comment

Thanks for the support of my DF(darling friend-that's right, right? Unless it already stands for Darling Frog? Maybe?…) Ali and for the correcting of a typo. Yes, what I MEANT to say-BY my lack of techno savvy. I just wanted to use that expression in something. I think it's so fun to say. Techno savvy. That sounds so smart doesn't it?…Savvvvvy… I have had a real fun afternoon becoming more familiar w/my blog site. I was able to tweak out the graphics and voila! A mini-masterpiece! The blog you see before you. I like it right now. For now. I should take this time to foreworn you, I actually LIKE change-for the most part. Change means progress and who wants to stay the same? I do agree that there is a nice, comforting stability in 'same'–it suits me quite well on some things. But, I am always up for adventure and a good challenge. I am just sort of lacking in the 'finishing' catagory. I have made great strides over the last few years though. I have actually finished quite a few things-the challenge is staying on task. I'm sure no one else could possibly relate, right? Right. I do have a kudo to send out to my blogger friend dawilli–she finished the thumb on the fuzzy purple mittens!!!!! I was there, and actually witnessed the thrilling event! Way to go Ali! In ALL seriousness, they look great and it feels great to finish, doesn't it? I'm smiling just thinking about it… So, my lunch has been consumed and I think I hear a little voice calling me to help w/Math please mom. It is always going isn't it? I love this part! 🙂


§ One Response to Ok, now I'm off and running…

  • dawilli says:

    Way to blog sister! You rock!
    Oh, what a day! Hope yours went well…
    try random blogging sometime- it’s a great way to meet people (and spend too much time…)

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