Getting organized

27/02/2006 § 2 Comments


Today we are spending lots of time trying to stay on track with organizing the house. It seems like we still have so many ‘things’ to donate, throw out, file, do we really need that?, etc. We spent time on the kitchen last week and it can actually be walked into! Now it’s the dining/living room. It’s kind of an open area with the front door arch ‘seperating’ the two rooms. I have the go ahead to use the dining room as a partial classroom-yay-so I just need to get the book shelves in a good spot and then start filling them with books! That’s all. Oh, I have to clear a path so I can work. 🙂 In the meantime my Lovebug is being so helpful. She bucks a little, but I think there has been a change in her since Asa became her stepfather. He has really stepped up to the plate as far as treating her as his own. It is so sweet to watch their relationship blossom! Anyway, I hope I can get the house into shape before too long. This spring I would like to have an open house/house warming type get together w/friends and family. I think right now I’ll just concentrate on the immediate needs. Setting up school and walking paths! I better get to it. I just turned around and it’s STILL staring at me! 🙂 Have a very blessed everything! Traci 🙂


§ 2 Responses to Getting organized

  • dawilli says:

    Don’t spread the web site for my patterns around much yet, as I have nothing up on the site… that’ll take a while… but when I get it up and running then shout it from the rooftops as I race to get in as many stores as possible!

    Have fun “organizing”… we’re always working on that here, babysteps… I’ve got some great ideas to try in the entry and the kids’ rooms… just need to save up for the right shelves!

  • dawilli says:

    Update your blog!
    What a week, thanks for helping out yesterday, what fun… I finally got around to getting another post on my blog so I thought I’d come and give you a hard time, just kidding…
    happy friday,
    any date night suggestions? (that don’t involve leaving the home?)

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