Walking Ticker Update Thwarted By ICKY Weather!

31/03/2006 § 6 Comments

Here's the breaking news from fellow HSBlogger Mamatc:


Ok, so I have been wanting to walk this week. Even my DD has been asking to go out and walk! (That my friends is just short of a miracle-just ask Ali!) I get up in the morning and pump myself up only to look out the window and what do I see? Cold, wet, overcast weather. Hello spring in MN! It really does get better-honest! We have some of the greenest grass this side of Ireland! Just not yet.


So that is why my turtle A) is a turtle, not a rabbit and B)has not moved in a while. I REALLY want to update that ticker!!! 

Oh well, C'est la vie…


 I have been doing really good as far as drinking water though. Now, I am at the point that I feel dry if I don't drink, I can tell I need and drink and keep my cup near me most of the time. I'm up to 45-60 ounces a day or so. I think I may retire that ticker after this last round. Maybe. It's still a good reminder.


Well, have a great weekend. We are having top sirloin and jumbo shrimp on the grill tonight! I figured we'd splurge a little while longer-until we have so many children it won't be as practical. Then again, who says it has to be that way? We can substitute the price of a dinner at a restaurant (noisy, long wait, questionable atmosphere, ever increasing prices, etc…) for steak and shrimp picked up at the grocery store, with the family together at home. If you do it right, it could actually be cheaper.


Anyhoooo, until next time…

Many Blessings,

Traci 🙂  


Change is good,right?

27/03/2006 § 3 Comments

I’m kind of having an off day. Please bear with me!

So, I still work part time. We really need my income for awhile longer for a few reasons. I trust my husband for the timing to be released from working too. I love my job. I work with developmentally challenged adults in their home. I love my clients. They are the extended family I don’t have right now. I have poured into their lives for almost 2 years now and they have impacted mine tremendously. I DISLIKE my new work schedule. I now have to work EVERY weekend (it alternates am’s and pm’s). YUCK! I feel bad because it IS an answer to prayer. I wanted more time during the week for homeschooling and other things. We had prayed for months. I was excited about it at first. I thought it would make things better/easier. I now have the problem of trying NOT to dread my weekends. The dynamic at work has changed a lot with my co-workers in an uncomfortable way too and besides, I’m limited on the plans we can make as a family when all of us are together on the weekends. I have to forfeit a lot of time w/them and that makes me sad-and a bit lonely. I also feel like I’m telling the Lord, "Thanks, but no thanks." How awful of me! I don’t mean it that way…do I?

I was thinking about it last night and the word ‘weaning’ came to mind. It would make a lot of sense if that was the Lord’s plan. Maybe I can’t quit cold turkey because it would hurt to not be able to see my clients as much. It would be sort of emotional for me. As I look back, I picked up tons of hours and was ALWAYS there it seemed (I work between 2 houses and have 12 clients). Over the last several months, it has been less and less that I have been able to work extra shifts and now I am there even less. I guess I just have to come to a place where I can accept that this chapter in my life may be coming to an end.

I need a hobby. Maybe SEVERAL!

I suppose there can’t be life without death, huh? (I’m thinking of the scripture about ‘unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it can’t produce fruit…’-something to that effect anyway) Oh I don’t know.

You know how there are things that you really want and you really feel that God has given you the desire for that thing and then when it seems like He’s going to give you that thing you start to almost panic and second guess, ‘wait a minute, did I really want that? Are You sure? You mean NOW Lord? Maybe I CAN wait a little longer, I may have been to hasty…’ on and on and on the thoughts go…like a merry-go-round without a conducter… 

I’m sorry if this is kind of heavy. I hope you all have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless you according to all the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus! Just as He has for me!

Traci 🙂




Random Blog Tag Day

25/03/2006 § 3 Comments

Well, I have been a busy beaver visiting blogs today! I love meeting new people and seeing new blog sites. I have had so much fun. I can't wait to see what happens next! I have so many new ideas for posts too, thanks to all of you wonderfully creative mommies out there!

I simply must go clean something now…


Traci 🙂

So, what do you do when…

23/03/2006 § 6 Comments

…you look at the clock and realize it's getting way too late to really prepare the dinner you wanted to, but you have to do something before you give up and go to the nearest drive-thru?  


Heere eez dee recipee for success:


Traci's Mas Rapido Mash 

1 lb ground meat (turkey, beef, chicken…)

1 can corn

1 can beans (red, black, kidney, pinto…)

1c cooked rice per person (white, brown, instant, regular…)

1 jar taco sauce/salsa

Seasonings:cumin, cilantro, chili powder, black pepper (salt if you want to)


Brown meat with seasonings(to taste-we like a lot of flavor) in skillet. Add rinsed beans, corn and already prepared rice. (You can make the rice as you're browning the meat.) Warm all ingredients in skillet and add jar of taco sauce/salsa. Simmer until warm. Ready to serve in a few minutes and feeds about 4-6 people(?)!

(There are 3 of us and we each had seconds and there was some loft over.)


Now, the cool thing is that this recipe can be tailored to your family's preferences. For example: make it spicy, don't use beans, don't use meat, etc.


There's also adding more to it when you do have time to prepare: fresh peppers, onions, jalapeno, 2 different kinds of beans, etc.


 You can turn it into Taco Mash and put the whole thing on a shell and add your favorite condiments for taco night.


Go the salad route and fix your favorite greens in a bowl, add the Mash, top with black olives, sour cream, more salsa, etc.


I hope you and your family enjoy this. Tell me if you try it and let me know how it worked for you!

Vaya Con Dios!!!!

Traci 😉

New Ticker

23/03/2006 § 2 Comments

As you may have noticed I have a new ticker. I decided to track walking around my block instead of how much weight I was supposed to lose.  It was just too painful to see the 'pound meter' not moving.

Besides, the weather is nicer now, so I will be able to go outside to get some exercise. This will be a lot easier to attain and my DD will be right alongside me. So, in essence, we'll be doing it together and we'll be able to chat along the way. (That counts for Gym, right?)

I'm not sure how often I'll update the ticker, maybe every 10 blocks or so. I have to build up my stamina because right now I have NONE, but I do have asthma. I've let that hold me back for too long. Far, far too long. 

I'll just pace myself and overcome 2 weaknesses with one activity–weight loss and breathing(lung capacity)!

It will be a good time for both of us. Our winter coats are getting heavy and the weather has been getting lighter. Time for a change! Definately, definately time!

Traci 🙂

Back in Blog-Land!

23/03/2006 § 2 Comments

        I am soooooo happy! I haven't been able to blog since the upgrade! Talk about AHHHHH! I really enjoy having this outlet for things and the friends I'm making are cool and sweet and funny. It's rather therapeutic for me. Can I get a witness?!


After the upgrade I was one of the 'Help me too!' victims. I wasn't really sweating it until lately because I figured any day now I'd get a response. Well, I checked the forum and realized I could be waiting a little bit longer. Then I would check all of my friends posts and see there new posts and I just wanted to have a new post too and, and…


I feel like Inigo Montoya trying to explain to Fezzik all that has transpired since the last time they saw eachother! What a great line,”Lemme esplain, no, there is too much. Lemme sum up…” . (my all time favorite movie-'The Princess Bride') 



Soooo, I will not dissappoint. Please check back frequently because I will be adding lots of posts to catch up!

Happy again,

Traci 🙂


Emotionally drained

15/03/2006 § 3 Comments

I wanted to blog about how I was feeling but thought it would be too incriminating. I guess I just want to ask if whoever sees this, could you please pray for us? We are going through a tough time and need the prayers of the saints to lift us up to the throne of God’s grace. It’s not about death or life or disease. It’s about going through a valley in an area of my life that I just have to believe-by faith-will bring us to the river of God’s joy.


Traci 🙂

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