What do you mean it's Monday?!

06/03/2006 § 1 Comment

So, yesterday(not really) was the day after my last entry-LAST MONTH! I know February is short, but that was tooooo short. Anyway, I woke up last night to this awful wretching sound. It was my DH! He apparently was not having a good night's sleep. He was making friens w/our toilet. Poor thing. He doesn't usually get sick-especially like that. He stayed home today from work needless to say and is in bed sleeping. At least the upset stomache part seems to have subsided. 

We power cleaned the house on Saturday and the results are FABULOUS! I am the proud owner of a dining room! I didn't realize how big it was until I could see the floor. Now we can start turning it into our dining/school room. I already have some shelves and quite a few books to fill them. Now we just have to move those downstairs from the craft/school/spare room. Boy, I really didn't realize how much there was to getting married and moving in to a new home. It is all working itself out though. Asa is getting to some of the little 'gotta-fix-that' stuff too. He can be kind of a procrastinator(who can't) so this is a good reason to get some of that stuff done. Most of his procrastination is actually lack of time. We try to save things like that for the weekend so he doesn't have to forfeit his family time. Then the weekend comes and there always seems to be something else to do that's more pressing. Sound familiar? 🙂

So, it's Monday again and we are actually off to a good start for school. We don't normally follow the public school's days off but today we are so we can do some Spectrum test prep and practice books for 6th grade. I want to kind of see Kayla's progress and to gauge just where she is exactly(or close to it). I'm hoping we aren't as far behind as I think we could be. We are trying to make up the difference from a bad year in 6th grade public school and possibly prior. It is quite an undertaking. I think we are doing ok. This will give me a better idea for where to go from here. I am seeing some definate weak spots-mostly they can be strengthened by review, review, review! We are budgeting for a nice, big white board to put a family schedule on. Kayla is such a visual learner. I think that if she starts to SEE what is to be done in a day, she will be more successfull. I have some ideas for a personal 3-ring binder that has task sheets and checklists for even daily chores and things that she can hold herself accountable to and that we will have access to so we can see how well she's doing in the 'life skills' area.

Now, the execution of it all………………..

Stay tuned for further details!

Blessings–Traci 🙂


§ One Response to What do you mean it's Monday?!

  • dawilli says:

    Hey, good to see you updating 🙂
    That font is hard to read, at least when it’s that small…
    check out flylady’s site for ideas on the “control journal” for your DD
    We are checklist fanatics here, and with new lists printed the boys are doing pretty good today.
    Hope DH gets well soon and I pray that you and DD don’t come down with it, it seems to be going around eveywhere, again!?! Ugh!!

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