Spectrum Progress

08/03/2006 § 3 Comments

RIght now we have just completed the Spectrum Test Prep for 6th grade and my DD did just short of perfect! Whew! We did find some weak areas as far as lack of knowledge(or forgotten) and application skills. A common complaint my DD had was that she felt that she never received the one-on-one attention she needed to be more successful from her public school teacher. She told me she would raise her hand often but the teacher was always so busy w/other students and teaching that she rarely got to Kayla. Can we say “SEE”? This is such a classic example of where the system fails. My daughter would have just kept failing, she would have been held back or even put in 'special classes' or who knows? We would have just kept getting on her case and pushing her farther and farther away. I shudder to think of the possibilities!

One of the biggest areas of weakness we've discovered is in writing/composition. She did well in the other areas but when it came time to write a short essay type answer she froze. She didn't have the skills to put thought onto paper. Even when she did, her mechanics were less than desirable. Now, she does have an issue with taking her time and concentrating on what she's doing. Some of the answers she got wrong were because of this very reason. When we went over the questions to get to the correct answers, she could see that she probably could have figured out the correct answer if she would have taken her time. What's funny is that she wasn't going to go anywhere but still felt like she ahd to hurry! Why is that?!

I know it will take more time to 'retrain' Kayla that we AREN'T in public school anymore and that we operate differently at home. She has made such strides though. She was in public school until the very end of 6th grade(last year), so this is all still very new/different-for BOTH of us! Now all THREE of us! Within this last year we: started homeschooling, planned a wedding, had all of the holidays, got married, moved into a new home and are still organizing our new lives. WHEW! I'd say we're doing pretty good all things considered! The good part is that it can only get better from here! YEAH! Thank You precious Jesus for all that You've done for us and all that You're going to do as we continue to yeild our lives to Your plans and Your ways!


§ 3 Responses to Spectrum Progress

  • nitrocat says:

    One of the great things about schooling at home is that the school schedule can be tailored around your family’s needs. If life gets nuts, school can take a back burner and be caught up on later when things get better.
    ” ‘Vantage number one!” (from The Elephant’s Child, by Kipling)

    I’m with you on waiting for Spring!!

  • dawilli says:

    What’s up with the red?

  • DandelionSeeds says:

    Thanks for adding me to your friends list… I’ve added you to mine as well.


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