Taking the 'plunge' w/you dawilli!

11/03/2006 § 2 Comments

I have a terrible drinking problem. The problem is I don't drink ENOUGH. Water that is. So, I have joined w/my friend Ali(dawilli) in the quest for the optimal hydration factor! YES!

(This is what I look like and feel like when I forget to drink water:  )


It's quite sad really. The planet is 2/3 water and I can't even remember to take a sip! I live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (actually 11,283-roughly) for crying out loud! There are constant reminders of water, yet I fail to partake! Well, me and my little fishy ticker are embarking on the journey to overcome! With the help of my DD and DH I WILL SUCCEED!!!


(Trust me, I will solicit the Lord for help too.)


That and weight loss…(cringe-see first smiley above for 'feeling' reference)


I really need some of that too. Well, I guess technically LESS of that. My eating problem is that I don't eat enough! How ironic is that? I'm overweight, but I don't eat right so my body thinks I'm starving it (I have NO idea how it figures that!) and so it covets my body fat therefore it just stays there in all it's-chubbiness. At least someone wants it!


I added a ticker for that too. Maybe the pressure of others seeing my progress ticker will spur me on to lose those stubborn pounds! Plus I wanted to use that cute little ladybug for something…


Trying to stay focused and light-hearted about it all,

Traci 🙂


§ 2 Responses to Taking the 'plunge' w/you dawilli!

  • dawilli says:

    Yay! Way to go with getting those tickers up and running!
    I gotta go drink some more water and reset my ticker!

  • heresseven says:

    for adding me to your friends list. Read my blog on what can happen if you don’t drink enough water!!! that should kick your water ticker into high gear! Actually I think it was more allergies then lack of water in hubbies case.

    I’ll watch your progress. You are very brave for posting it!

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