Snow Day!?

13/03/2006 § 1 Comment

In true Minnesota fashion we went to bed last night to dead, wet lawns and woke up to–A SNOW STORM! We are supposed to get anywhere between 4-10" depending on where you live. Some public schools are closed and there are a lot that are delayed 2 hours. It’s sooo beautiful out! But, on the other hand I was gearing up for spring. I knew better though. It just looked so promising this year(and last year and the year before!).


Well, of course after I woke up my DD I heard this squeal of delight. The next question surprised me a little. She actually asked if she could shovel the driveway! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because she is such a help at times. Besides it looks so fun outside! I think it’s more that she is approaching 13 and I’m not going to be so bold as to predict her responses any more! They can be so random at times it’s just best to be surprised-sometimes. So, I wasn’t expecting that response! What a pleasant surprise.


It’s still coming down out there and my guess is that we have gotten 4" or so thus far. It is rather pretty outside…all the pure white snow covering up the wet dead stuff…hmmmmm…(sigh)


Well, on to breakfast. I have to stay on track for my new eating lifestyle. I think yogurt and granola will do this morning. Maybe a piece of toast with it. I hope I can retrain my body to be hungry in the morning-to actually want to eat. I know the first step is to try. I still have to figure out excercise. The walk around the block will have to wait today…


§ One Response to Snow Day!?

  • dawilli says:

    I want the sun back! At least the recent flurries haven’t been sticking around… it’s still too cold!

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