Change is good,right?

27/03/2006 § 3 Comments

I’m kind of having an off day. Please bear with me!

So, I still work part time. We really need my income for awhile longer for a few reasons. I trust my husband for the timing to be released from working too. I love my job. I work with developmentally challenged adults in their home. I love my clients. They are the extended family I don’t have right now. I have poured into their lives for almost 2 years now and they have impacted mine tremendously. I DISLIKE my new work schedule. I now have to work EVERY weekend (it alternates am’s and pm’s). YUCK! I feel bad because it IS an answer to prayer. I wanted more time during the week for homeschooling and other things. We had prayed for months. I was excited about it at first. I thought it would make things better/easier. I now have the problem of trying NOT to dread my weekends. The dynamic at work has changed a lot with my co-workers in an uncomfortable way too and besides, I’m limited on the plans we can make as a family when all of us are together on the weekends. I have to forfeit a lot of time w/them and that makes me sad-and a bit lonely. I also feel like I’m telling the Lord, "Thanks, but no thanks." How awful of me! I don’t mean it that way…do I?

I was thinking about it last night and the word ‘weaning’ came to mind. It would make a lot of sense if that was the Lord’s plan. Maybe I can’t quit cold turkey because it would hurt to not be able to see my clients as much. It would be sort of emotional for me. As I look back, I picked up tons of hours and was ALWAYS there it seemed (I work between 2 houses and have 12 clients). Over the last several months, it has been less and less that I have been able to work extra shifts and now I am there even less. I guess I just have to come to a place where I can accept that this chapter in my life may be coming to an end.

I need a hobby. Maybe SEVERAL!

I suppose there can’t be life without death, huh? (I’m thinking of the scripture about ‘unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it can’t produce fruit…’-something to that effect anyway) Oh I don’t know.

You know how there are things that you really want and you really feel that God has given you the desire for that thing and then when it seems like He’s going to give you that thing you start to almost panic and second guess, ‘wait a minute, did I really want that? Are You sure? You mean NOW Lord? Maybe I CAN wait a little longer, I may have been to hasty…’ on and on and on the thoughts go…like a merry-go-round without a conducter… 

I’m sorry if this is kind of heavy. I hope you all have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless you according to all the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus! Just as He has for me!

Traci 🙂





§ 3 Responses to Change is good,right?

  • dawilli says:

    Leaving ACR was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I loved the job. I loved the residents. I even liked most of my coworkers! But my husband was providing for me, and home is where I needed to be. I continued to bring Ian to visit folks every couple of weeks for a few months… then it tapered off. Yes, it is a new chapter in life, and it’s a good one. Full-time mommy, wife, chef, teacher, maid, human resources manager, foreman, etc… you need a hobby?!? you have a hobby- tying heart strings with your daughter. (oh, and stamping and scrapbooking!)
    During the weaning process you need to watch your negative outlook. When you work an afternoon, be purposeful about getting up before 9! and have a big brunch with your family. Go for a walk. Run an errand or do something on your to-do list (painting, cleaning, rock-moving) for an hour or more around noon, leaving you time to change and get to work. You need to be intentional about making the most of the time you do have instead of whining about the time you don’t have. When you work the morning/day shift have your hubby and daughter plan a great supper and pick out a family movie to enjoy when you get home. Have the house in shape by friday so you don’t have to be overwhelmed, weekends aren’t for cleaning! so you can just enjoy your family and your residents.
    Schedule changes have cons with the pros, you have more time all week for homeschooling and housework, and now you just have to plan well for your weekends. It’s okay, it won’t last forever, watch Pollyanna, and then practice playing the glad game!
    Take care,

  • DandelionSeeds says:

    I am sending out a “mass apology” to everyone I told about “The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge”. I have received some comments in regard to leaving the button on people’s blogs and I feel the best way to make sure there aren’t others who are offended, is to apologize to those I sent the notice to.

    I feel just horrible that some thought I was “advertising” in some way when my intention was to share with other homeschoolers what I was offering as encouragement and a way for us to join together.

    If you are one who was upset by my post, please feel free to delete it and email me or leave a comment on my page and I will personally apologize. To those who have joined in The Challenge, I’m so looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us and hope we will all be able to bless our families and grow in the Lord through it! Thank you most importantly for seeing my heart. I never meant to disregard anyone’s post when I left the comment about the Challenge, and want you all to know that anything you ever have to say to me, whether on topic or not, is more than welcome on my blog. I will also be making a new category on my blog that will list those of you who don’t mind getting urgent prayer requests or information from time to time. I hope this way I will be able to avoid upsetting anyone similarly in the future.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment on your blog. I hope you will accept my apology (and not be upset that I’m “off topic” from your post, but I have many people to get to still tonight).

    In Him,
    Amy Verlennich

  • trustingdaily says:

    Yes Traci, I understand your heart. I’ve wrestled with the Lord on many occasions. Perhaps a peaceful time with the Him in the Word is just the thing to clear the cobwebs. I know without a doubt you’ll see something in a different light afterwards. But, you probably already knew that, huh?

    Blessings~ Angela

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