Walking Ticker Update Thwarted By ICKY Weather!

31/03/2006 § 6 Comments

Here's the breaking news from fellow HSBlogger Mamatc:


Ok, so I have been wanting to walk this week. Even my DD has been asking to go out and walk! (That my friends is just short of a miracle-just ask Ali!) I get up in the morning and pump myself up only to look out the window and what do I see? Cold, wet, overcast weather. Hello spring in MN! It really does get better-honest! We have some of the greenest grass this side of Ireland! Just not yet.


So that is why my turtle A) is a turtle, not a rabbit and B)has not moved in a while. I REALLY want to update that ticker!!! 

Oh well, C'est la vie…


 I have been doing really good as far as drinking water though. Now, I am at the point that I feel dry if I don't drink, I can tell I need and drink and keep my cup near me most of the time. I'm up to 45-60 ounces a day or so. I think I may retire that ticker after this last round. Maybe. It's still a good reminder.


Well, have a great weekend. We are having top sirloin and jumbo shrimp on the grill tonight! I figured we'd splurge a little while longer-until we have so many children it won't be as practical. Then again, who says it has to be that way? We can substitute the price of a dinner at a restaurant (noisy, long wait, questionable atmosphere, ever increasing prices, etc…) for steak and shrimp picked up at the grocery store, with the family together at home. If you do it right, it could actually be cheaper.


Anyhoooo, until next time…

Many Blessings,

Traci 🙂  


§ 6 Responses to Walking Ticker Update Thwarted By ICKY Weather!

  • dawilli says:

    Just kidding, but you know, some cold wet wind would never stop my father-in-law from walking… (being awake is enough to stop me… wait, that doesn’t seem right, but I’m sure it is…) wear a hat to keep those ears warm, put on a windbreaker (that’s what they’re for…) and get movin’! At least you have sidewalks… even streets that aren’t highways…
    Anyhoo, you’re really makin’ me look bad with that water ticker… okay, I make myself look bad… gotta go drink some water…
    Shrimp?! Eewww… gross…. the sirloin, now there’s a fine dinner… ahh… dinner, I’m so hungry these days! really, really, hungry! Now I want to grill… thanks a lot…
    love ya,

  • barbieheart says:


    I am so-soo-SOO in agreement about the restaurant thing. (don’t get me wrong, I have had some great times in a restaurant..) but of course, the money can go so much further at home. More great meals on the same money!

    Another thing–sometimes I am disappointed, even if the food is fabulous, when it is so noisy (sometimes with profanity peppered in) that my pleasure in the experience is diminished. Then I feel that the money is wasted.


  • heresseven says:

    Well the steak does anyway, not into shrimp myself. that’s what I like about the nice weather coming. BARBEQUE!!!! I am so so looking forward to that! Actually my friend just won a barbeque from Tim Horton’s today! I will have to go over there and make sure it works properly don’t you think? Got any steak leftover you can send this way?

  • kleo30 says:

    Traci, spring in MN sounds like spring in OH. We had gorgeous weather on Thursday. We went to the zoo and just wore tshirts and no jackets (well the boys did). Tuesday it will snow UGH.

    I’ll walk in cold, snow, heat but not drizzle or rain. So my walking has been hit or miss. I got 2 miles in today though 🙂

    I’m proud of you with the water. That is hard for lots of people! Way to go and your body will be happy too LOL.

    Have a blessed evening~

  • ServingHim says:


    Thanks for the encouragement about drinking water. I see where you are up to 45 or more oz. a day. Wow! I’m on way to that….baby steps 🙂

    Hope you have good walking weather today. I did one mile this morning before we get rain this afternoon.

    Elaine <

  • mamatc says:

    Nothin beats good family time–and a steak! Too bad we ate most of it and hubby is taking the rest for work! Sorry guys! Maybe next timeyou can come over and we’ll have a big ol’shin dig! The only pre-requisite is that you bring your families–and if that happens, probably your own meat! We’ve got the grill and all the rest though! I love company, especially for grilling! Um, I mean to have company over so we can grill–NOT THEM! Ok, hole getting deeper…must…bail…out…!
    Thanks for the comments you guys,
    Traci 🙂

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