I'm a bit ill…

03/04/2006 § 3 Comments

I was greeted this morning by the sunshine–Aaahhhh…sunshine! Unfortunately there was also a stomache ache w/nausea and, uh, another little problem w/my uh, bowels shall we say? Oh well, I will still make the most of the day even if it’s frome the bedroom or the "throne room"!

We are off to a small late start but it will gain momentum after the ferrets get their exercise. Kayla usually bring them up for an hour or so in the morning so they can run around the house. She has them on leashes so if they decide to go way under the couch she can pull them out. They are soooo curious and playful. We have had a great time with them.

So, we will for sure do Bible(Veritas Press-Genesis through Joshua), History(Veritas Press-Old Testament/Ancient Egypt and some Tapestry of Grace), Math(Saxon), Language Arts(Lifepac) and Writing(Instititute for Excellence in Writing). We’ll then go on to Science and Geography(co-oping The Body Book and Geography Trails-we also have a Science Lifepac and their DVD of experiments I’d like to get to). We’ll ‘weave’ in a little Vocabulary(Tapestry of Grace) if we can and see what else we can squeeze in.

Now, if my Princess can stay mostly on track and I can stay mostly awake and on top of her…

Thank the Lord THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE!!!

Traci 🙂


§ 3 Responses to I'm a bit ill…

  • dawilli says:

    That’s a lot to get though on a healthy day!
    Got a friend with a friend who’s a nutritional scientist, he says eat cabbage, something about an enzyme that can destroy the intestinal bug in the intestines… if DD and DH have’t any symptoms yet, serve up some cole slaw for dinner, an deat the leftovers tomorrow, and the next day….. until it’s been through all of your friends…
    We had cole slaw when the last family at church (who sit right in front of us and their kids play with our kids) had the bug and we didn’t get it…. coincidence, maybe… but my friend works in the nursing home where it’s running rampant right now and she and her family are staying puke free… so maybe there’s something to it… we’re adding the cole slaw back in as it seems yet another round of this crud (this has GOT to be a record year!) is hitting hard all over the metro… we thought it was all over…silly us…
    Well, if you actually get to all that’s on that list you’ll be doing better than we do on most good days…

  • kleo30 says:

    I pray you’re feeling better this evening. You had a lot planned for a not-feeling-well-day 🙂 Ferrets are really cute. We’re about to get a bunny from my girlfriend’s daughter. I just need to make time to get over there and get her.

    I just wanted to thank ya for stopping by and commenting on my blog 🙂 I love steak on the grill with baked potatoes loaded with all the fattening stuff LOL. Come on over for dinner. Remember if you bring dessert, I’m not allowed chocolate any longer LOL.

    Thanks for the compliment. I’m trying to be thinner. It must be the camera angle because I am still kinda stuck. We’ll I’ve been good and haven’t gotten on the scale since Thursday. I’m doing better about not weighing every day. When I do, I get discouraged and eat! Weird, eh?

    Well, have a blessed evening and I pray tomorrow finds you in great health 🙂


  • StrawberryShortcakesix says:

    I am sorry to hear that you was sick. I will pray for you. Tell Kayla I said hello. By Sarah Grace Brooks

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