Just to clarify…

04/04/2006 § 5 Comments

Uh, yeah, so that last entry was actually me

multi-thinking. I was thinking

about how I haven’t really named some of the

materials we use yet and so I thought since

I was mentioning what I would like to do

get accomplished I would just give the

names most of the books we use. I didn’t

realize that it was a whole lotta stuff. I’m

really not that good at homeschooling yet!

However, I am proud to say we got quite a

bit accomplished. Spelling test (only 1 wrong

out of 27! she forgot to check her work

before handing it in), Bible, Math, most of the 

Geography/Science worksheets, some

Language workbook, lunch, and some

Analogies workbook. There were also some

‘character building’ moments in between

there that took up some time too.


Now, I have an obvious advantage. I have ONE

child who is about to be 13. I can mostly send

her to the table and have her work independently

until she has a question. It works even better

if I explain her work to her or have her tell

me if she understands itBEFORE I leave

her/send her off.


Truth be told, it was a struggle to keep her on

task at times(insert ‘character building’ moment).

There were a few times where I was doing

something so she thought she wouldn’t be doing


That has been an issue in the past

that we are making efforts to HALT. My situation

doesn’t really allow for ‘time out’ to character

train so we are just plowing ahead and as it arises,

pause for tweaking. It is actually good I think

because of Kayla’s age. 


To Kayla’s credit she was down here at 8:30 ready

for the day-and breakfast-just as we had

requested the night before. No attitude either.

Right now she is doing her Math independently and quietly. SCORE 1  FOR THE HOME TEAM!!!!!



Well, I better get to some of my list of  things.

Have a great day all!

Traci πŸ™‚                                                             





§ 5 Responses to Just to clarify…

  • dawilli says:

    Sadly, I miss far to many of those moments, I’m way too busy…
    Not good, but we’ve had a couple so far this morning that have went well, I caught about the last 5 minutes of SupperNanny or Nanny 911, whichever it was, and figured if those clueless parents can make such huge strides, I sure oughta be able to positively impact my kids each and every day!
    Great work getting so much accomplished,

  • kleo30 says:

    Hi Traci,

    Glad you like the recipes. I love to cook and share recipes πŸ™‚

    The verse of the day. You can click to subscribe under the verse on my blog. Copy the HTML code and then go back to your blog, log in, choose edit template. I scrolled down until I saw my friends’ list, and then I put my curser after that and hit enter, then I pasted the HTML code. Click to preview changes and another window will pop up. If all looks good, then save the changes. Voila! I had to try it 2 or 3 times before I got it to work. Then the verse changes each day. I love having it.

    Have fun and I hope it works πŸ™‚


  • dawilli says:

    just follow the link on someone’s verse of the day, create your own and then cut and paste html just like you did for the ticker, just figure out where you want it on your blog… you don’t even have to be an html expert…

  • dawilli says:

    I had noticed your question on her blog, and now I see that she answered you before I got a chance to, oh well, “in the multitude of councellors…”
    he, he, he, anyway, have a good one,

  • Titus2woman says:

    Just checkin’ in, as I haven’t seen a blog from you in like, FOUR DAYS! LOL! No pressure or anything, just overdue and wanting to be distracted! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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