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25/04/2006 § 4 Comments

Oh my has it been that long since I posted? Wow, I'll have to do some catching up. I amy need a whole afternoon or something…oh well. LOL!


So, I have been in the process of changing my site and this HTML thing isn't so bad. A lot of it is logic-just simple 'if…then' figuring. That is until you really start to need to know what you really are doing. Then, the momentum just stops!


So, in other areas we are doing well. I have been drinking lots of water and have made it to 60oz a day or more!!!!! I will probably just retire my ticker for that so I can have less business on my site. Lovebug is doing well. I really have to update her tickers. She has been walking with out me too so she can be at the same number as mom. CUTE!


As far as school, we have been doing well in our Lifepacs and she seems to be flying through her math more. She continues to have excellent scores on her spelling. She 'wowed' DH's family on Sunday by naming all the major bones of the body-accuratly! She was so cool about it even correcting one of her uncles!!! They are a bunch of smart people-his dad an engineer, his younger brother in AP classes and going to become an architect, you get the idea…so it was a very thrilling moment for me-I was calm on the outside, doing jumping jacks on the inside-and I think it really boosted Love's confidence. It's so neat to see the rewards after the day-to-day struggles! 


Also, as time goes on since she was in public school the references and mindsets are starting to be a bit less. We have been praying so hard that these things would just continue to be but a faded momory. If I were to talk to anyone even thinking of homeschooling I would cousel them to start out homeschooling FIRST and then if ALL ELSE really, truly fails and you simply must, join a support group and try again! We have had a lot of hard times trying to get beyond the public school's influence. It is far better to just not go there. It wasn't possible for me to homeschool at first. I was a single mom and needed to work full time. But slowly the Lord started answering my prayers and now I am finally there. But oh, the deprogramming! And even though she know this is the better way, there is still that  weaning period because that is all she knew. I just thank the Lord that He provided a way to have her at home and at such a crucial time in her develpoment. She will spend her time at home now and oh, the peace that brings! Don't get me wrong, I know there will still be bumps in the road, but the peace of knowing I will be there and she will have ME to lean on and not others… It just makes you feel like they're safe. Now, I just have to work on ME!!!LOL!


Well, I just heard a “Mom, what's for lunch?” so I better skiddaddle. Hope you other mommies have a blessed day and thanks for being patient!!!!!


In His Love,

Traci 🙂


§ 4 Responses to A little about this and that

  • mistresninos says:

    Glad to hear she is doing so well. I think I might link to this post on my side bar. A lot of people honestly have no idea the damage that public school does. I even have some friends who have sent their kids to public school and now cannot figure out why their children, now of age, refuse to join the church. It is just so sad.

  • mistresninos says:

    OK, I did it. It is titled “Thinking of sending your kids to public school?”

  • dawilli says:

    Hey- I edited my last post and got pics up of today. I have another cute one of your DD and my Gracie, I’ll hafta e-mail it to ya. What a beautiful day it was today! Probably better than the other Homeschool days will be at the Kelley Farm just because it starts to get so hot! It was just so perfect, and the whole humerus thing, and the fungi… just little bursts of rainbow sunshine in my homeschooling world, score! It’s working!
    Anyway, check back to see that rest of the pics,
    love ya,

  • ServingHim says:

    Hi Traci,

    Thanks for stopping by today and for the encouraging words. You are doing great on your water drinking. I’m not up to 60 oz. but I have been drinking more. I bought some fresh lemons and when I have a glass, I put one in. It really makes it special.

    I meant to go walking today but got up too late! Thanks for the encouragement.

    Elaine <

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