Princess Lovebug Pics

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I know that these are last years school pics but we haven’t gotten this years done yet. I just wanted everyone to see how beautiful my DD is and to know how much I love her. We have been a team for her whole life and now we are a family with Asa taking the role of her step-father. She is just so precious to us and she is one of the reasons I get up in the morning. She’s a reason I’m still on this Earth-literally. She’s a reason I want to have more children and to give my best at the things I do. I thank the Lord ALWAYS for giving her to me. She is blossoming into a young lady right before my eyes and it’s so hard to imagine her as anything but a cute, little, curly-angel-haired, running around hugging everyone, sitting so close she’s on your lap, laughing and being silly, girl–my little Lovebug.


She is so thoughtful and generous. She is very bold in her faith and reaches out to people with the love of God. If she sees someone in need, she tries to meet that need. She is so friendly and loves to hug people and snuggle. She’s happy, bright and witty. I could go on and on…of course!


I am so grateful for the priveledge of knowing her and trying to raise her for the Lord’s service. May I do Him justice in this precious life!


How do you feel about your kids? Have you told them lately?



Traci 🙂


Staying Focused

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There have been some really good posts lately about what our main focus should be as mothers, wives and teachers. They are reminders of where our hearts should be on the key issues of our lives. Being submitted to the Lord and our husbands. Keeping our hands to the plow. Not forsaking fellowship. Truly embracing our 'ministry' with our whole hearts. Not looking back. Pressing on toward our high call in Christ. Setting our face like flint. Holding up our sheild of protection. Walking in wisdom, mercy, grace and obedience. Knowing who we are and where we stand in Christ. The list goes on…


In this day with all of the chaos and confusion rising against the home, the family and homeschooling we need to remind ourselves where we stand so we are not lead astray and discouraged. We need to settle in our hearts where our priorities are and how we can stay true to the convictions that drive us to be the voice of wisdom and love to the opposing viewpoint. The reality is that we all have days and moments like this: where all seems to fail and the vision for our families becomes blurred. We mustn't let our guard down. We must seek encouragement and cousel from other likeminded people that the Lord has put on our paths to hold us up and guide us. Stay in the word, stay on your knees, continue in fellowship and lean ever closer to your husband and Lord.


Here are a few links that really impressed upon my heart this time of focusing. I hope you find wisdom and encouragement through these. May the Lord richly bless your day and be ever present in your life. Also, a very big thank you to these bloggers for permission to link to their sites!


Stop by Cindy's Blog, Rachel's Blog, Connie's Blog, Julie's Blog, Andrea's Blog, Elton's Blog , his wife Traci and Stacy's Blog.   



Traci 🙂 

*Free*–New Art Book Drawing!

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Hey everyone! If you get a chance to stop by Cindy's Blog she has a post that explains her new drawing for a FREE copy of Art Auction Mystery! It's a fabulous book that you can win by signing up for her e-newsletter Homeschool Reviews For You on her website. It was sooooo easy to subscribe. I think it took a whole 3 seconds to process! There's a link on my sidebar for her site as well under the 'Keepers of Heart and Home' and 'Frugal Merchant Wares' headings. This is a great site that I frequent for a lot of stuff. From books, to reviews to articles and encouragement…it's plumb full of goodies. So, set aside some time to go check it out and try to hold yourself back, you'll want to buy EVERYTHING!!


REMEMBER: The drawing is only for subscribers so make sure to sign up today!



Traci 🙂

Here's something…

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Here are a few links to some articles I’ve come across lately. Some are from emails Asa has sent me. From funny to a little more serious, everyone should be able to find something to peruse. Read to the end for an hilarious pic. Enjoy!


The Da Vinci Code-Washington Post review

My DH’s comments were:

"For sure, read paragraph 1.  No wonder the movie’s been so hyped (and the production company encouraged prominent Christians to write rebuttals on the official website)the movie stinks, and the controversy is the only way to get people to watch!"


13 yr-old ready for college-Minneapolis Star Tribune


Problem with Public School


Bird Flu Hits FL-This is on Jessica’s Blog-thanks Jessica!



And last but not least, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:



Illegal Immigration Threat Pic:



Aye Carumba Amigos! What will we ever do without BURRITOS!?


Hope I made you laugh a little!



Traci 🙂


Great New Forum

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Check out the link on my sidebar for a new forum that was recently started by Jessica at Trivium Academy for Classical Style HS-ing. It's not just for people who are in that catagory either. It's for those who have questions about it, ideas for it and all sorts of stuff. Check it out, it's wonderful!



Traci 🙂

Take me out to the ball game…

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I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I was at work but was able to join up with my DH’s family afterward for swimming and McD’s. It was pretty fun. This was after I was greeted at the door with 2 big bouquets of flowers, hugs and kisses! I feel so loved.   


Rewind to Friday. Every year Dairy Queen sponsers "Cap Night at the Dome". This means the first 20,000 fans that come to see the MN Twins play baseball at the Metrodome receive a free hat with the Twins’ logo on it (and DQ of course). Well, this last Friday was that night and we had sooooooooo much fun. We’ve gone every year as a family for the last 6 or 7 years. We’ve kind of made it a family tradition of sorts. We all like baseball, we like the Twins and we like being with eachother. It’s a perfect match! Besides, who could pass up a free hat? This year we played the Chicago White Sox and we CREAMED them 10-1! It was such a good game and we had such a good time. The atmosphere gets so exciting! (We’re playing a 4 game series w/the Sox-whom we also beat on Saturday! How did they win the World Series last year?)


Saturday I was at work from 8am-6pm! Long day. We then had to pick Love up from her dad’s because he was having car trouble-nothing new. He lives w/his parents about an hours drive from here near Hudson, WI so it was a long drive. We made the most of it by stopping in St.Paul on the way home (you have to drive throught the cities to get to their house) at one of our favorite ristorante Italiano-Cosetta’s! Mmmmmm. Authentic Italian food in a really cool turn of the century building complete with high ceilings and creaky floors! They have the biggest slices of homemade pizza. Let’s just say it’s bigger than the paper plate they put it on and they hand toss it right in front of you! We always have a fun time when we go there and I was really in the mood for Coke in a glass bottle! 


We got home and crashed.  It was a well earned bedtime that’s for sure! Now it’s Monday and I work tonight at 3pm. We usually are done w/school around then anyways so that’s good. I just miss spending time w/my family that isn’t already set aside for something else. You know, just being in eachother’s company.

Well, have a good day. I’ll try to visit sites and leave comments later this week.



Traci 🙂


Where, Oh where, has the time gone?

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Have I really been THAT busy for THAT long?! Wow. Maybe I should re-introduce myself?!LOL 🙂

Things have been a whirlwind here lately. One thing I've been up to is I'm trying out new things for getting organized. The main one being-just do it! Boy is that expression easier said than done!

We moved some furniture around and we're getting our shelves where we want them so we can put our books on them for school. We have been running upstairs to the spare room where our classroom started and then back down to the dining room where it will be now. Our little home is coming along, albeit slowly, but it will be a lot easier now that we have some of the big things moved. My strong muscle man is always a help for his “dainty” wife.( If you only knew how hard it is to remember to ask for help! I have to practice it consciously! I was on my own for quite some time before he came around. It is hard to be dainty at all. I'm not a she- man or anything, I've just mostly been independent and physically strong. That and I am a 'healthy-sized' woman, shall we say? No one is worried about me floating away at the next strong breeze! LOL! 🙂 

Anyway…I have also been trying my hand at starting a flower bed in the front yard by our steps and in front of the picture window. I did not realize the work that was involved! The previous owner had some things planted in a sectioned off spot and it appears that she just kind of did a plant-and-run. Let's just say it hasn't been tended to in some time so I have been on my knees digging out dirt and roots and overgrown weeds. The other element to the task is that she had a rock bed under the picture window. It merrily goes around the side of the house by the chimney and stops at the gate to the back yard where it then finds itself again surrounding the air conditioning unit up to the deck that was built around the back stairs. *sigh*

 Now, many of you may know I love a good challenge.


To conquer and win is exhilirating! (I like the little trumpet blast I hear in my head! Dunt da-da dah!) 


However, in typical Traci fashion, I may have taken on a bit more than I actually cared to complete. I know, I know hard to believe, huh? So, being the energetic, enthusiastic, leap-and-then-look, visionary personality that I am, I got a picture in my mind of what I wanted. Simple enough, right? BUT, because of the energetic, enthusiastic, leap-and-then-look, visionary personality that I am, naturally–I ran with it.       


And THEN I counted the cost(mostly labor and time)-AFTER I got started.  

It's a good thing I have my Lovebug to help. Guess what we're doing for Science too? My name does have the word 'industrious' attached to it-along with the words warrior and noble. So mothers, be thoughtful in what you name your children. They may actually grow up to be what their names suggest! (My parents are not believers either-God certainly does have a plan for me/us, doesn't He?)

I must say I do deserve some credit for actually doing SOME initail planning. I carefully picked flower seeds according to sales, the height and planting instructions, color, perennial-ness and ease of care(of course-I want them to live). I even made sure they were plants that liked being in the sunny part of our front yard. Even when I surveyed the landscape spots I didn't think it was THAT bad. It couldn't possibly be THAT hard.

Well, I don't have pics to show you yet, but it is still a far cry from even being said that I made 'a dent in it'. I shall persevere none-the-less!


Do you have any gardening adventures/encouragement you'd like to share? I'd love to read them!



Traci 🙂

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