Take me out to the ball game…

15/05/2006 § 3 Comments

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I was at work but was able to join up with my DH’s family afterward for swimming and McD’s. It was pretty fun. This was after I was greeted at the door with 2 big bouquets of flowers, hugs and kisses! I feel so loved.   


Rewind to Friday. Every year Dairy Queen sponsers "Cap Night at the Dome". This means the first 20,000 fans that come to see the MN Twins play baseball at the Metrodome receive a free hat with the Twins’ logo on it (and DQ of course). Well, this last Friday was that night and we had sooooooooo much fun. We’ve gone every year as a family for the last 6 or 7 years. We’ve kind of made it a family tradition of sorts. We all like baseball, we like the Twins and we like being with eachother. It’s a perfect match! Besides, who could pass up a free hat? This year we played the Chicago White Sox and we CREAMED them 10-1! It was such a good game and we had such a good time. The atmosphere gets so exciting! (We’re playing a 4 game series w/the Sox-whom we also beat on Saturday! How did they win the World Series last year?)


Saturday I was at work from 8am-6pm! Long day. We then had to pick Love up from her dad’s because he was having car trouble-nothing new. He lives w/his parents about an hours drive from here near Hudson, WI so it was a long drive. We made the most of it by stopping in St.Paul on the way home (you have to drive throught the cities to get to their house) at one of our favorite ristorante Italiano-Cosetta’s! Mmmmmm. Authentic Italian food in a really cool turn of the century building complete with high ceilings and creaky floors! They have the biggest slices of homemade pizza. Let’s just say it’s bigger than the paper plate they put it on and they hand toss it right in front of you! We always have a fun time when we go there and I was really in the mood for Coke in a glass bottle! 


We got home and crashed.  It was a well earned bedtime that’s for sure! Now it’s Monday and I work tonight at 3pm. We usually are done w/school around then anyways so that’s good. I just miss spending time w/my family that isn’t already set aside for something else. You know, just being in eachother’s company.

Well, have a good day. I’ll try to visit sites and leave comments later this week.



Traci 🙂



§ 3 Responses to Take me out to the ball game…

  • mamma1420 says:

    Yes, busy but a blessing nonetheless. If you wanted to change your picture of the window, I could help you. (Offering if you want it, if not there is absolutely nothing wrong with the window.) Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you’ll come back! I’ll be dropping in on you too.

  • mamma1420 says:

    Hey, I might have a good idea- tell me what you think of this, I just put a message board on my site mamma1420 for classical homeschoolers. I put the link on classicalmamma too. Here’s the link http://triviumacademy.17.forumer.com/ This one will be so any classical hs can talk together. Tell what you think. If you think this is a waste of time, tell me that too. Jessica (I figured it didn’t hurt)

    And come check out the funny picture….

  • nitrocat says:

    We’ll have to see if we can find that restaurant the next time Chad & I have to come to MN for one of his doctor’s appointments. We usually stay in Hudson and the clinic is in Lake Elmo. Both of us LOVE Italian!
    You are always so faithful with commenting on my blog, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that! Thanks!

    BTW-I’ll just ignore that comment about the White Sox (because they really do stink this year). 🙂

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