She's Alive…barely!

28/08/2006 § 5 Comments

By now, you've probably figured out my summer has been a bit on the busy side. We have been very busy w/just life in general and a myriad of other things that have just become a blur! I remember working more, babysitting more, field trips, starting school and co-opping, more work and now I've been sick for over a week. The State Fair is upon us and we usually go every year. It's a great time and we have our favorite food spots to stop at. If I feel better soon we'll go. Then there's the Renaissance Festival which just happens to coincide w/where we are in History so we'll make a trip there on their school day for lots and lots o'fun. Right now we're just plugging away at keeping up w/the school schedule. My friend Ali and I are doing the same Tapestry of Grace stuff so that's fun. She also got me hooked on the Homeschool Tracker and I just love it! (Thanks again Ali!) It's free and probably worth it's weight in gold as far as record keeping. I highly recommend it! We also go on field trips together and we have such fun! It's so great to have a close friend to homeschool with!

Anyhoooooo, I have to stay on top of correcting assignments and entering them into the 'Tracker'. So, I will stop by again later this week. I also hope to have some new pics to post as soon as I can make it back to WalMart.



Traci 🙂



§ 5 Responses to She's Alive…barely!

  • trustingdaily says:

    Welcome back Traci. Sounds like your one busy Mama. We’re enjoying our time in your neck of the woods. Love love love the cool weather!!!


  • DandelionSeeds says:

    I was just stopping by to ask if you could please pass the word about the “Labor in Love” 30-Day Encouragement Challenge (from Revive Our Hearts) that we’re doing beginning Sept. 4th? It would be great to have as many women as possible doing this (and I’m sure the husbands wouldn’t mind either!)

    In Him,

  • dawilli says:

    Glad you’re finally on the mend! Seems like everyone’s been busy… and I doubt it will slow down much until the harsh cold weather hits, that’s my prediction anyway…
    Keep in touch, (e-mail, phone, blog…) and we’ll try to stay somewhere near on the same page with our 8th graders even thru some weeks when it’s hard to get together.
    Looking forward to some fun field trips!

  • daybydaygrace says:

    Hello, we have been wondering where you were. Hope you get to blog around more often. I’ve been praying for you though. Blessings, Traci

  • dawilli says:

    So, you were alive back on the 28th… how ’bout this week?
    Just kidding, but you really have been neglecting your blog!
    Talk to ya soon,

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