Hello in there…!

08/09/2006 § 3 Comments

So, I have been neglescting my blog again. So sorry!

I have been feverishly trying to stay on track w/our homeschooling this year. I am determined to be more successful and accomplished this year so I have been a sort of homeschool hermit. Our main text is Tapestry of Grace and this year comes w/a warning about there being A LOT of content in vol 2-the Middle Ages so I am having to sort through and just do the most we can. It's SOOOOO good though and I like studying this time period so it's hard to just go on! We will come back around to it in about 12th grade I figured so it will be covered again. I will probably keep Love going w/ most, if not all of the literature selections. It's good for her and I can read them when she's done! šŸ™‚


So, we are doing about 100 times better this year and w/the Homeschool Tracker I feel so much more in 'control' of things. In the meanwhile we are doing some Godly Tomatoe raising and character training that is really starting to show some fruit. Yet another area I have determined to be resolved in. Now if I could just get dinner to cook itself and the house to clean itself…another time perhaps…I'm working on it…


I will be able to pop in and post things here and there and I have a feeling I won't get a chance to visit other blogs a whole lot. šŸ˜¦   I know you other mommies understand so I'm not too worried, we could use your prayers though, that would be wonderful and MUCH appreciated!!!!! We pray for you all too on occassion since we're kinda like an big extended family us homeschooling families! šŸ™‚


Well, back to the teaching and training…


Many Blessings To You and Yours,

Traci šŸ™‚




§ 3 Responses to Hello in there…!

  • trustingdaily says:

    Hi Traci, It was nice to hear from you and catch with what’s going on with you.

    Warmly, Angela

  • dawilli says:

    Great to see another post (even though we talk often enough!)
    Glad to see that things are better this year than last, there’s always room for improvement!
    Still working on scheduling everything around school too, my dinners don’t cook themselves either… of course, with an almost teenager and several more coming up behind, maybe there will come a day when they will cook themselves, at least it will seem that way to me…

  • daybydaygrace says:

    Oh so well do us other Homeschool Moms know what you are talking about when you start talking about not having enough time to do everything. I think we all have that problem. I will be praying for you and love-bug to accomplish all that you are desiring to do this year. Blessings, Traci

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