Stuck in the Middle…Ages that is!

19/09/2006 § 3 Comments

So we are still in the Middle Ages. I knew there was a lot of info to digest, but there's even more than I remember! I've decided to just go over the basics and we can study more on the side if Love's interested. She is really enjoying the Literature reading selection that TOG has in its curriculum. She's just devouring all the books. I have to pace her because we are waiting for the library to get the other books in!


We had another trip to the Kelley Farm and the theme was Threshing. We had such a great time! Love just dove right in and started helping w/the wheat bundles. After awhile of taking cute pics I jumped in as well. It was hard work, but it was very rewarding. There was chaff flying everywhere! Later we went into the house and Love helped make molasses pudding and icing for it. She was just all into it!


She has been blossoming  into a young lady so much lately. It has been so sweet to see. She has been helpful w/out asking, staying on task more, not as much attitude either. What a blessing! I have been firmly, gentle and pleasant. It is a retraining for me that's for sure. It is the exact opposite from how I grew up and what I learned. The Lord is so gracious to me though. He has been so faithful and I can see the fruit and the rewards from His promises to us. I am so filled w/peace knowing My Lord is with me and always available to me for every need.  


Well, the Homeschool adventure is not for the faint of heart, but even if you are, by the time a few years roll by, you won't be! I have been so blessed by this adventure and would not trade it for the world and all its supposed 'riches'. Thank you Dear Lord for this great opportunity! May I finish beautifully for Your Honor and Glory!

In Jesus' precious name, AMEN!



Traci šŸ™‚



§ 3 Responses to Stuck in the Middle…Ages that is!

  • dawilli says:

    Tis good to see you posting… I’ll try to get some pics up of last week’s field trips, maybe tonight… I’ll send you a great one of you and your dd, if you want to put it up on yours…
    I have so much going on I can hardly believe it, I get stressed out if I stop and think about it too much! So I’m trying not to stop and I’m trying not to think, just trying to keep up, stay organized, plan some more, get ready for baby, knit a million things, write out some patterns, plan the website design, do some tech editing for a little income, plan some meals and bulk cooking, get the chores lists ironed out… I could go on and on! I want to have a great many projects done before baby comes, and I hope to have a lot of scheduling and chores/duties figured out and running smoothly so my family can keep things moving ahead when baby comes so I can just rest and enjoy that time!
    All that on top of the many field trips we have planned! It’s busy, but so far it’s a good busy, we’re getting out and doing stuff, stuff that my kids will remember fondly, we’re making memories, and maybe we can spend the winter cooped up making scrapbooks!
    Anyway, are you getting any of my e-mails yet?

  • drewsfamilytx says:

    That’s great, Traci!

    Since we started back up with our lessons (took a month off), my 7yo has been doing SO well in his lessons! He’s always been able to handle the material, but his big stumbling block has been dawdling…Lessons took FOREVER as he would get so easily distracted. He has been staying task and having a cheerful attitude– and I certainly did not expect this blessing! But I AM thankful!

    Have a great day, my friend!


  • Titus2woman says:

    Just popped in to catch up and say HI! LOVE your blog’s new look, and your beautiful pic! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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