Color Coding anyone?

20/09/2006 § 6 Comments

So, I have seen people using color coding to keep their kids things organized. What a great idea! The only thing is that I only have one child. So, I thought it would be fun to color code the subjects that we have and the 3-ring binders we store our completed work in. Love told me they did that in public school so she was already familiar w/it so I didn't have to train her. She helped me come up w/the colors that she remembered being associated to each subject and then we filled in the rest. I think it's working out well and I really like the ease of 3-ring binders. I have been spending a lot of time doing school, but I have been spending a lot of time organizing and cleaning as well. I just finished making labels and putting them in the binder spines for a whole bunch of binders and I have a whole ton of ideas and binders to fill! It will be accumulative throughout the year so we can just keep adding to them. For the coloring pages in Art, I am also putting her finished work in sheet protectors so they keep well and look nice. She is coloring an Illuminated Alphabet for Art and that ties in w/learning the about the Middle Ages. We'll just keep on sticking the letters in there adnd them she'll have her own fancy alphabet to show off. We are also making our own reference binders since I can't afford to buy all of the wonderful ones I want. We are just printing off free articles and facts and then making our own fact sheets and then sticking them in a labeled binder. We've got famous men/women, famous scientists, artists, and composers-the list can be endless. We even have maps for geography (puchased w/holes punched) in a binder for referencing. They are color coded so you know if you pick up a binder w/a green label, for instance, it will have to do w/Science.

Can you tell I'm kind of proud of my accomplishments? I don't mean to brag, but I have really put a lot of effort into this idea and it is really looking like a winner! Yay!

Does anyone else have any great organizing, money saving ideas and tips to share?



Traci 🙂    


§ 6 Responses to Color Coding anyone?

  • daybydaygrace says:

    I totally agree, 3-ring binders are great for organizing. We’ve been using them & have been enjoying them because you can just keep adding to them.
    It’s good to hear your school year is going well. Ours’ is going great also. Blessings, Traci

  • kleo30 says:

    I color code the kids binders. Jordan is dark green, Isaac is blue and Allen is orange (always orange…his favorite color!). I don’t print labels for them though. The kids use a sharpie and write on it lol. I did label the tabbed dividers this year though lol…..

    It sounds like your school year is moving along nicely. We just finished our 2nd week. I am so glad it’s Friday! I am whipped.


  • dawilli says:

    I think I’m going to have to use that color coded kids idea… I’ll have to think about that one… or else I guess I could still do color codes subjects and just have each one decorate a spine label so we can tell them apart on the bookshelf- speaking of bookshelves, I need more! Ah! I guess I really need to get knitting and tech editing! (need more spendin money!)
    See ya again soon,

  • christlike says:

    I just love homeschooling. There’s just so many possibilties to teaching your Dc’s & involve God in all of it. The four of us really enjoy learning together. I hope your Dh likes to get involved in it. I like to help out all I can with schooling knowing we are training them in the way they should go.
    I hope your school days go well!
    In Him; Elton

  • dawilli says:

    Time to update your blog lady!
    Let me know if you need help posting those pics I sent you,
    have a great weekend, and a great start to a new homeschooling week,
    talk to ya soon,

  • SnowWolf says:

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