Super Cleaning

23/10/2006 § 4 Comments

Saturday, I stayed home and started cleaning. I just picked a spot, and dug in-literally!


One of the first things I wanted to tackle were the clothes. I decided to start in Love’s room. Trying on, sorting, packing away for next season and making a donation pile. We made it through and it felt soooo good! Then we moved onto hanging, folding and putting away and in the laundry. While we were doing that I jotted down the things Lovebug needs and I started making a list for her and her room. I put things like: skirt hangers, shelf, move dresser to wall behind door, comforter-full size, etc. The good thing was the list wasn’t terribly long! Then daddy came home and we started tackling the living/dining rooms. We put the tv downstairs (finally) and all that went w/it, cleaned out behind it, moved bookshelves, vacuumed/dusted, threw away papers and junk, sorted things that needed to be filed, threw more away, vacuumed/dusted more, deep cleaned the ferret cage, and finally unearthed half of my house! There are still some things to sort and organize, a few shelves we need to get, but I have so much more room now! And places to put things. Our house seems so much bigger somehow…GO FIGURE!


Oh yeah! My honey gave me a special little gift to accomplish this task with…A NEW VACUUM! And not just any vacuum. He got me a DYSON! (We get a discount at Target and we saved a little money to put towards it so we could afford it-otherwise I was looking at the 100$ Hoover something or other! Thank you again honey!) It’s amazing! I have been able to clean up tons of things and everything just seems…cleaner. It has such great suction and tools and it’s so easy to use and there’s this really long hose so I don’t have to bend over to get along the baseboards and put my back out and I can leave it at the bottom of the stairs as I go up instead of dragging it w/me and trying to balance it on the much too narrow steps…I feel so special!


So, I’m back at it again today. Cleaning and organizing and trying to use the resources we have or do without. I am determined to be as frugal as I need to be so we can live off of just Asa’s income. I feel so blessed to have a husband who is willing to let me stay home and take care of the house and our child. I feel so at peace and there are already things lining up for me to clean a few houses and watch a few kids here and there for some extra income. Our Lord is so faithful!


Have a great day!



Traci 🙂  


§ 4 Responses to Super Cleaning

  • christlike says:

    Hi Traci!
    It’s good to see the Lord’s blessing you so much! He loves to delight us in so many ways. Rejoice in Him always!
    Laundry? We don’t have our winter clothes packed away yet (we “started” packing & putting away since last spring!!!) & winters here again. It seems like we never have the time to finish a lot of projects. I thanked God for helping us keep schooling right on track! I love the Lord! What would we do without Him!
    Praying for you & family; Elton

  • dawilli says:

    Way to go! Doesn’t it feel good!
    I’ve actually started tossing things lately, I always knew that I should and that it would feel good, but packrat tendencies are really hard to overcome!
    Keep up the good work,

  • mistresninos says:

    A Dyson sounds great. I’m definitely happy for you.

    I read that you are going to be at home now. That’s great. I’ll be praying for you guys as you adjust. It’s not that difficult once you get used to it. But, darn, all that self-denial…lol.

  • dawilli says:

    I do hope you’re enjoying your days off now!
    It was so much fun having you guys out last night, we always love a rousing game of Bible Baffle! Thanks for bringing some food to add to the pile, but, um… well… you left the caramel apples!!!! Can’t believe we didn’t eat any last night! Well, I guess we had enough sugar with the root beer floats! The kids had a blast, and so did we, we always enjoy fellowshipping with you and yours,
    hope to see you again soon,
    ps- how long to caramel apples keep? you’d better get back over here… monopoly and caramel apples anyone?

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