Keeping busy…not hard to do!

13/11/2006 § 2 Comments

So it’s Monday again and I am still cleaning. I had kept myself busy last week w/just ‘picking up’ things here and there and not doing a whole lot of ‘deep’ cleaning. Trust me there’s still plenty of surface stuff! Well, today I tackled (literally)our bedroom closet and sorting my clothes. WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!

Ok, so it wasn’t THAT bad. But, put it this way, I will have donated enough clothes and household items to clothe and keep a small third world country warm and operational! Just doing my part for the Kingdom!


I just never took the time to go through my clothes and weed out the ones that don’t fit or that I won’t wear/need anymore. It sure feels good though. I actually have a lot of clothes left over so I don’t feel like I have nothing to wear anymore! I actually do now. I found a huge rolling duffle bag w/some of my winter clothes and some tops in it so I just added them to my wardrobe. It was like I won a free shopping spree! (When we moved after the wedding it just kind of ended up in the closet and then things were piled on top of it and there it’s been sitting…can anyone relate?)


It was hard looking at all of the smaller clothes I USED to fit into though. You know, sickening sizes like 12’s and 14’s and the like. I’m getting back there though. I’m hanging onto the 8 pounds I lost recently for dear life! Now it’s just ADDING to the total amount! It was a very inspiring moment actually. It kind of refueled my resolve to not give up on being any size smaller than I am now. Speaking of that, I better drag out the treadmill and start sweating. Must stay focused…!



Traci 🙂


§ 2 Responses to Keeping busy…not hard to do!

  • dawilli says:

    Keeping too busy to blog?!

    Have a good one,

  • mistresninos says:

    Eight pounds is great. Keep it up. I don’t even have any of my 12s and 14s around anymore. Dumped ’em all years ago.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


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