Please Pray for the Garvey Family!

29/12/2006 § 3 Comments

I just have to piggyback on Ali and Marsha’s posts about the Garvey family.

This family needs our support right now. They were in a terrible car accident and everyone was injured (10 children + parents) when their van rolled over a few weeks back. The deepest loss is their 4 week old baby brother, who died in the accident. They will be grieving his loss at the funeral this morning, probably right now as I type these words.

Please keep this family in your prayers as the days go by and turn into weeks. There’s a fund set up to help with expenses and you can get updates from their eldest daughter Sarah’s blog. Please take a moment or two, or several, to pray for this family. You can stop by Sarah’s blog to offer your prayers, support and condolences as well.

I can’t even begin to fathom what they are going through. It breaks my heart and leaves me speechless. I am very humbled and sobered by this. Lord, it’s in your hands…




I know it's cold out and wintery, but…

28/12/2006 § 7 Comments

I received this email from Cold Stone Creamery and thought it a waste to not share! I really like ice cream…a lot, as a matter of fact…and their ice cream is very good! You can create your own combinations as they prepare it right before your eyes. Including the flavor of ice cream! We signed Asa up for the Birthday Club and he received a coupon for a free Love it sized(medium) treat! We went with and got $1 off of ours and we spent less than $5 to have gourmet ice cream! Now THAT’S  a deal!


traci 🙂

Musical Mondays

19/12/2006 § 3 Comments

Kayla has been making wonderful strides playing her violin! Here are a few pics from last week’s first practice w/her student teacher. I am so proud of my Princess! She is really taking to learning an instrument and having fun with it. She is still mostly enthusiastic about practicing when we get home too!

I remember when I started learning to play the flute, there was a void in my life that I filled with practicing. Not to mention a heavy perfectionist bent. It feels really good to realize that she doesn’t seem to have that same void, which may be a bit more challenging to keep her on task, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! It helps that she knows more notes and has music to practice now, I think it will be fine. She’s kind of like her mother in the way of wanting to be proficient in something automatically, right after you pick it up or decide you want to do some thing. Then, when the revelation of it being work kicks in, you’re not as sure about this new thing anymore. I’m pleased to say I am much more realistic about things now!

Enjoy the pics!

 Putting markers on for finger placement

A close up of ‘bowing on open strings’

And now, practicing together!

She has 2 weeks off now for the holidays and I hope to keep her practicing every day. We’re trying to come up with an incentive chart to help her get into the habit of practicing every day. Any suggestions? Money seems to get a response…maybe in a jar on the counter so she can see it and then take away twice what she earned from it when she doesn’t do it? You know, make it sting a little. Is that too harsh? Candy isn’t really a big thing around here so I’m leaning away from that. Hmmmm…I’ll have to keep pondering that one…



Traci 🙂

Fellowship and Cookies!

19/12/2006 § 9 Comments

Hey, check out some fun pics of Kayla and I making cookies and fellowshipping with my darling friend Ali and her darling family. I just love these times together! Man, I need a digital camera…

We had such a great time and made a lot of cookies! We are still tasting their yummy-ness. It’s great to have precious times with friends who are like family. We are very blessed indeed!

Thanks for posting those pictures Ali!

Traci 🙂

It's time for 'Musical Mondays'!

12/12/2006 § 2 Comments

Now that we actually have something going on on Mondays other than the usual let’s-get-organized-and-motivated-and-start-our-week I am hoping to post a little more consistantly. Yesterday we started Love on the violin and she’ll be playing and practicing w/a Homeschool orchestra nearby. My great friend Ali has been doing this and we are joining the same group she is in. We are very excited about this new adventure! There will be fun things to learn, new friends to make and old friends to grow with.

I have always enjoyed music. At the tender age of 11 I picked up a flute and have barely parted with it since. We had been estranged for a while, but I have recently picked it back up so I can play at church. I was in concert band, marching band, pep band, pit band and any other band environment I could find. I knew as I got older that I wanted to share my love of music with my children.

We usually have music playing in the backround as we go through our day. We even have it on in the car as we travel so Love has been exposed to a lot over the years. She even has a ‘music lesson’ on cd-rom, Music Ace Deluxe that she has learned a lot of the fundementals of the technicalities behind music, i.e. the staffs, keeping a beat, rythym, reading notes, etc. It is a wonderful program and I highly recommend it. It is very engaging and fun too so she is rarely bored. Also, it only advances to the next level after sufficient mastery of the lesson (a very good thing). I got it from the Timberdoodle catalog, one of my favorites.

So, I hope to be posting more frequent and I’ll probably throw in some fact, find or favorite concerning music. Stay tuned for more and hopefully some pics of Love’s first day!


Traci 🙂


Back up your Blogs!

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There are very easy instructions to back up your blog info at RugbyHS's blog. Pay her a visit, it's worth the whole 5-10 minutes it takes to read and to actually do the back up. If I can do this, so can just about anyone else!


Have a great day all!



Traci  🙂

Mandatory Math Day! Part I

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Ok, so I am not good at math. I excelled in English, French and Band. I was in my Geometry class a whole 2wks when I approached the teacher and we gave eachother a knowing look and the next day I was in Chemistry-to try again. So, should I really be shocked that my sweet, precious daughter is having trouble? Of all the things I prayed for for my little one, why, oh why Lord, did I forget to mention MATH!!!???


The poor dear…


So, we/I reached a point where I have declared MANDATORY MATH DAY. All things Math will be performed. Placement tests, quizzes, correcting workbook assignments (we use Saxon w/the D.I.V.E. cd-rom-love it!) going over wrong answers, rework…and so on….


Now, when I was in school I had a difficult time w/fractions. Ugh! Fractions. Can you guess what section of the placement tests she came to a schreeching halt at??? Oh, just take a wild guess…What? Was that FRACTIONS you said? BINGO!


The poor dear…


Now we know where the problem lies and now we can go after it w/tenacity only known by the Hebrew armies.



Can you imagine if she were still in public school? Oy vey!


to be continued…


Traci 🙂

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