Mandatory Math Day! Part I

07/12/2006 § Leave a comment

Ok, so I am not good at math. I excelled in English, French and Band. I was in my Geometry class a whole 2wks when I approached the teacher and we gave eachother a knowing look and the next day I was in Chemistry-to try again. So, should I really be shocked that my sweet, precious daughter is having trouble? Of all the things I prayed for for my little one, why, oh why Lord, did I forget to mention MATH!!!???


The poor dear…


So, we/I reached a point where I have declared MANDATORY MATH DAY. All things Math will be performed. Placement tests, quizzes, correcting workbook assignments (we use Saxon w/the D.I.V.E. cd-rom-love it!) going over wrong answers, rework…and so on….


Now, when I was in school I had a difficult time w/fractions. Ugh! Fractions. Can you guess what section of the placement tests she came to a schreeching halt at??? Oh, just take a wild guess…What? Was that FRACTIONS you said? BINGO!


The poor dear…


Now we know where the problem lies and now we can go after it w/tenacity only known by the Hebrew armies.



Can you imagine if she were still in public school? Oy vey!


to be continued…


Traci 🙂


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