*FREE* 3 Unit Study From Tapestry of Grace!

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…and now a word from one of our affiliates…

Have you heard the news? The people that brought you the award winning, classical education based, integrated unit study Tapestry of Grace, have unveiled their new and improved Year One: The History of Redemption and are offering a *FREE* 3 week sample entitled ‘Go To Egypt’!

Use this unit study to:

 "Get a pyramid-sized view of how this Christian, classical curriculum employs a unit study approach, coupled with integration and flexiblity, to teach almost every subject to every child in any home." -Tapestry of Grace

Our family has used Tapestry of Grace for over a year now and we love it! There is so much in this small package to keep you learning and educating for a long time! It is full of great resources, maps, books, outlines for teaching and easy-to-read lessons and instructions to get you started and to keep you on track.

I am an affiliate for Lampstand Press/Tapestry of Grace so please feel free to get your ‘Go To Egypt’ right here on my blog. Just find the links on my sidebar and click! The top link brings you to the TOG website, the picture button brings you to a special ordering page to ensure I get the proper credit for your purchases and the bottom link takes you straight to ‘Egypt’!   

So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun of world travelling from the comfort of your own home. Click on the links and discover the wonderful world of Tapestry of Grace today!


Musical Mondays

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Well, another Monday has come and gone and  it seems like they just go by faster and faster! Kayla got a lot of practicing in and was able to practice with a few of the other girls and the big orchestra. She had her small group, lesson, some playing with a few of the other girls and practicing with the older orchestra kids! She was pretty much playing the whole time we were there and she was loving it.

She is working on some of the big group pieces and her lesson book right now. She has been really trying hard to get these songs down. She is bound and determined to advance to the upper level groups. Right now she is still in with the beginners who are a bit younger than she is. It doesn’t bother her at all, Kayla could make friends with a cobra, but she does want to get in with the older kids soon. it looks like that may not be too far off, she’s already completed 3/4 of her lesson book!

From your perspective this is probably ‘a neat thing’, and normal. But from my perspective this is astounding! I have been trying to interest my daughter in taking up an instrument for a few years now. I tried to start her on the flute (I’ve been playing for many years) and she fussed about that. Then we tried a set of bells (my youngest sister was in percussion and somehow I got her set and mallets) and that dwindled off. Then I got her the ‘Music Ace Deluxe’ cd rom and she flew through most of that and she liked it. Mostly she’s just been kind of ho-hum about it all. We are a musical family and she loves to sing, but she didn’t really want to take on the discipline of learning to play a musical instrument. Until now…

My guess is it’s a maturity thing. Some kids are younger when they find some, some wait until they’re adults or even worse–never!  But if we, as parents, don’t give up and keep trying to introduce things to our kids that promote requiring something of them and from them, eventually they will give in and see we were right all along! Seriously though, I think it’s when parents give up and say "Fine, do what you want. It’s too much of a pain to deal with anyway…" that we start the cycle of ‘troubled youth’. You may as well have stuck a knife in their little heart. It is a sad day indeed in a child’s life when theire parents show them in word or deed, "You know, I like you and all, but you’re just not worth the trouble".

Anyway, to end on the up I have a great photo of my Princess Lovebug at her very first recital playing a virtually flawless ‘Jingle Bells’.

And a really, really cute monkey!

Have a great one!



traci  🙂

Musical Mondays-First Recital!

23/01/2007 § 5 Comments

Well, it’s been a little over a month now and Kayla is blossoming in her violin training. She had her first solo recital last night and she played ‘Jingle Bells’. Not the most difficult piece, I know, but she sounded REALLY good. She had great tone, great tempo, great presence…and she wasn’t even nervous! She has been practicing a lot lately at home and during practice yesterday I snuck in to listen to her practice w/her student teacher. She was so good! She was playing a more advanced piece and was bound and determined to master it. That’s my girl! I was hoping that strong will would pay off in some area in a good way! Momma’s, be encouraged! There is hope and light at the end of that tunnel! It is so good to see the fruit of our labors. 

Well, daddy and grandpa were able to join us and we were all so very proud. The other groups and students were also very fun to watch and the more advanced students left your mouth gaping at their skills. Kayla is starting to really get to know the other kids and building friendships too. This is an example of good, healthy socialization:homeschool style. It is in a controlled environment, where the parent is involved and the other children have a common interest/goal/etc. This group in particular has a lot of common factors ranging from being homeschooled to sharing a common faith. What more could anyone need I ask?

Well, I am being summoned so I best skidadle. Have a wonderful day all!


traci  🙂


Musical Mondays

17/01/2007 § 3 Comments

Kayla had a really good practice Monday. She is coming along splendidly. Now she just needs to pick up the pace on practicing at home consistantly. It’s a habit that takes time to form so I’m being understanding about it. Been there, done that. We had a talk about it on the way there. I told her she needs to practice so she’s not disrespecting her teachers and wasting everyone’s time. I think she took it to heart once I mentioned her student teacher. I don’t think she quite realized what her actions were saying before. She has grown quite fond of her student teacher. It’s been really neat to watch them get to know eachother.

Kayla has now gotten to the ‘pepperoni pizza’ stage of her learning. This is the stage where she is learning eighth notes followed by two quarter notes. Hence the ‘pepperoni pizza’. Rudimentarily it would be ti-ti-ti-ti ta ta. It’s hard to explain, but you say the words and you play on the syllables. Pep-per-o-ni piz-za. Cool huh? She’s also been taking the time to handwrite the letters above the notes on the music she’s learning so she can become familiar with what they look like and which notes to play. Good, good stuff!

We have our first recital on Monday and Kayla will be playing a solo of "Jingle Bells". She wants to practice more this week so she can join the big group on a harder, longer song.  There’s a great looking DVD I want to get about a family of musicians-mostly girls-that make such beautiful classical music together. It’s from Franklin Springs Family Media and I think it would really inspire Kayla. It’s called "The Eden String Quartet". Since things are so tight we have to wait. But, I hope to be able to see it soon. Of course I want all of the videos Franklin Springs offers! They are award winning family focused documentary type videos that are really well done. *sigh* Some day… 🙂 


traci 🙂

Musical Mondays

09/01/2007 § 4 Comments

Well, after a lot of drama w/the car we finally made it to violin practice.  We were late, and I don’t like being late, but we made it thanks to a very great and generous friend. Kayla practiced hard and the fellowship w/Ali was good as usual and we met another mom there and her children. I even got to hold her baby! I LOVE holding babies! Just ask Ali, or anyone who knows me.

So this is a lame post. Sorry for that.  I am still frustrated w/the car problems and lack of money, but I wanted to at least try to be consistant w/posting about our Musical Mondays. I have lots to do and pray about so I’ll try and stop back soon. I’m trying to stay on task this year, again, still… 🙂

Thanks to all who have stopped by. I hope to visit you soon and catch up a little w/all of you. And thanks for your prayers for the families that I’ve posted about. It means a lot to them and me.

If you get a chance, we could use prayer too. For our finances, car troubles, self-control, discipline, what to do about a job (should I work, should Asa get a part time job, where, how, when…). It would be greatly appreciated. Greatly.

Have a good week all!


traci 🙂

Please Pray For JenIg's Son!

03/01/2007 § 1 Comment

Please stop by and visit JenIg’s blog to let her know you are praying for her family and their youngest son James. He is 3 and has been very ill. Coughing, vomiting, fever…They are saying bronchitis and hopefully it won’t progress to pneumonia. Their daughter Coie has posted an update on Jen’s blog.

And, Jen’s sister Gena and her family have been sick as well.

Please take a moment to pray for these wonderful families who give us their time, talents, humor and wisom for homeschooling our children!

Thank you and Blessings,

traci 🙂

P.S.Please excuse the ‘blog remodeling’ mess!

A Quick Hello

02/01/2007 § 2 Comments

Happy New Year all! I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year. We were at Asa’s parents house all day after church. We celebrated his younger brother’s birthday, ate, watched ‘Cars’, ate, went sledding in the dark (after the 8 inches of snow fell!–too fun!), ate, watched the ball drop, went home and crashed! It made for a long day, but oh the fun we had! Great memories I’ll share more about later.

We are enjoying having Asa home an extra day so I won’t ‘waste’ the time blogging. I know you all understand and I thank you.

It’s a beautiful day (there’s lots of snow and sunshine, yipee!), a brand new year and all are well and safe. Well, we were up until 3:30am last night warring a game of Risk (to be continued today) so I am a bit tired…but I’m WINNING! Oof! I’m getting too old for the ‘all nighters’! I can sure feel it this morning…ugh, elephant slept on me all night feeling, you know the one? But, I’m WINNING! World domination is harder than it looks. But, I’m winning.   

Have a good day all and again,




traci 🙂

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