Musical Mondays

17/01/2007 § 3 Comments

Kayla had a really good practice Monday. She is coming along splendidly. Now she just needs to pick up the pace on practicing at home consistantly. It’s a habit that takes time to form so I’m being understanding about it. Been there, done that. We had a talk about it on the way there. I told her she needs to practice so she’s not disrespecting her teachers and wasting everyone’s time. I think she took it to heart once I mentioned her student teacher. I don’t think she quite realized what her actions were saying before. She has grown quite fond of her student teacher. It’s been really neat to watch them get to know eachother.

Kayla has now gotten to the ‘pepperoni pizza’ stage of her learning. This is the stage where she is learning eighth notes followed by two quarter notes. Hence the ‘pepperoni pizza’. Rudimentarily it would be ti-ti-ti-ti ta ta. It’s hard to explain, but you say the words and you play on the syllables. Pep-per-o-ni piz-za. Cool huh? She’s also been taking the time to handwrite the letters above the notes on the music she’s learning so she can become familiar with what they look like and which notes to play. Good, good stuff!

We have our first recital on Monday and Kayla will be playing a solo of "Jingle Bells". She wants to practice more this week so she can join the big group on a harder, longer song.  There’s a great looking DVD I want to get about a family of musicians-mostly girls-that make such beautiful classical music together. It’s from Franklin Springs Family Media and I think it would really inspire Kayla. It’s called "The Eden String Quartet". Since things are so tight we have to wait. But, I hope to be able to see it soon. Of course I want all of the videos Franklin Springs offers! They are award winning family focused documentary type videos that are really well done. *sigh* Some day… 🙂 


traci 🙂


§ 3 Responses to Musical Mondays

  • dawilli says:

    Hey- good job being regular about posting your musical Mondays- I totally missed my "Monday, Monday…" post this week, but I did manage a "Wednesday Hymn" so all is not lost…
    Pepperoni pizza huh? We learned it as Mississippi, stop, stop… funny… anyway, encourage lots of practicing the rest of the week! I think I get more nervous for my kids at recitals and concerts than my kids do… LOL! I almost left out the 'i' in recital- definitely don't want to do that! LOL!
    Anyway, talk to ya soon,
    enjoy her,

  • mistresninos says:

    Ah, practice. The thing everyone hates. lol.

    It sounds like she's really doing well, though. It is great that she's enjoying it. It's such a wonderful thing to learn and helps in so many ways. In our house music lessons are on par with learning to read. There is just no "if" about it.

    I hope she continues to enjoy it.

    Well, I gotta dash to ballet…another fun thing. 🙂

    Hope all else is well with you guys.

    God Bless.


  • daybydaygrace says:

    Just dropped by to say hi and see how things were going. Blessings, Traci

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