Musical Mondays-First Recital!

23/01/2007 § 5 Comments

Well, it’s been a little over a month now and Kayla is blossoming in her violin training. She had her first solo recital last night and she played ‘Jingle Bells’. Not the most difficult piece, I know, but she sounded REALLY good. She had great tone, great tempo, great presence…and she wasn’t even nervous! She has been practicing a lot lately at home and during practice yesterday I snuck in to listen to her practice w/her student teacher. She was so good! She was playing a more advanced piece and was bound and determined to master it. That’s my girl! I was hoping that strong will would pay off in some area in a good way! Momma’s, be encouraged! There is hope and light at the end of that tunnel! It is so good to see the fruit of our labors. 

Well, daddy and grandpa were able to join us and we were all so very proud. The other groups and students were also very fun to watch and the more advanced students left your mouth gaping at their skills. Kayla is starting to really get to know the other kids and building friendships too. This is an example of good, healthy socialization:homeschool style. It is in a controlled environment, where the parent is involved and the other children have a common interest/goal/etc. This group in particular has a lot of common factors ranging from being homeschooled to sharing a common faith. What more could anyone need I ask?

Well, I am being summoned so I best skidadle. Have a wonderful day all!


traci  🙂



§ 5 Responses to Musical Mondays-First Recital!

  • QFmamato4 says:

    I wanted to send a congrats on a job well done.
    Socialization is less needed then what the "world" thinks.

    Well Kudos

  • QFmamato4 says:

    I wanted to send a congrats on a job well done.
    Socialization is less needed then what the "world" thinks.

    Well Kudos


    Congratulations on your daughter's recital! It is so nice when you can be a part of something that fits your families world view.

  • dawilli says:

    Tell your daughter she did great! And give her a big high-five from the Williams!
    What a joy to see the kids all do so well, they've been working hard.
    Enjoy her,

  • christlike says:

    Hi Traci!
    <br>Thats such good news. We have high hopes for our DC's too. Praying for you and family.
    <br> In Him; Elton

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