Musical Mondays

30/01/2007 § 2 Comments

Well, another Monday has come and gone and  it seems like they just go by faster and faster! Kayla got a lot of practicing in and was able to practice with a few of the other girls and the big orchestra. She had her small group, lesson, some playing with a few of the other girls and practicing with the older orchestra kids! She was pretty much playing the whole time we were there and she was loving it.

She is working on some of the big group pieces and her lesson book right now. She has been really trying hard to get these songs down. She is bound and determined to advance to the upper level groups. Right now she is still in with the beginners who are a bit younger than she is. It doesn’t bother her at all, Kayla could make friends with a cobra, but she does want to get in with the older kids soon. it looks like that may not be too far off, she’s already completed 3/4 of her lesson book!

From your perspective this is probably ‘a neat thing’, and normal. But from my perspective this is astounding! I have been trying to interest my daughter in taking up an instrument for a few years now. I tried to start her on the flute (I’ve been playing for many years) and she fussed about that. Then we tried a set of bells (my youngest sister was in percussion and somehow I got her set and mallets) and that dwindled off. Then I got her the ‘Music Ace Deluxe’ cd rom and she flew through most of that and she liked it. Mostly she’s just been kind of ho-hum about it all. We are a musical family and she loves to sing, but she didn’t really want to take on the discipline of learning to play a musical instrument. Until now…

My guess is it’s a maturity thing. Some kids are younger when they find some, some wait until they’re adults or even worse–never!  But if we, as parents, don’t give up and keep trying to introduce things to our kids that promote requiring something of them and from them, eventually they will give in and see we were right all along! Seriously though, I think it’s when parents give up and say "Fine, do what you want. It’s too much of a pain to deal with anyway…" that we start the cycle of ‘troubled youth’. You may as well have stuck a knife in their little heart. It is a sad day indeed in a child’s life when theire parents show them in word or deed, "You know, I like you and all, but you’re just not worth the trouble".

Anyway, to end on the up I have a great photo of my Princess Lovebug at her very first recital playing a virtually flawless ‘Jingle Bells’.

And a really, really cute monkey!

Have a great one!



traci  🙂


§ 2 Responses to Musical Mondays


    Watching children unfold, growing in maturity and grace is an amazing experience. Glad to read that your daughter did so well.

  • mistresninos says:

    "you're just not worth the trouble" Great observation. That really is what we are saying when we tell our kids, "Whatever" and let them go. Perseverance is the key to parenting. I'll let you know in about twenty years if it's the key to "successful" parenting. 😉

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