A Different Thought For This Musical Monday…

12/02/2007 § Leave a comment

Well, I have to admit, I was hoping there would be more to share. The truth is, the average day of doing things, when all goes well, isn’t very exciting. We got up, got our things together, went to orchestra, had a whole day of practice and visiting, left and came home. That’s about it!

It’s funny how the day after day, week after week of mostly the same things happening somehow down the road produces something! Like when we teach our children. Day after day of the 3 R’s turns into week after week and so on. Then, somewhere down the road we see fruit. Whether good or bad there is fruit. At that point we are so elated about the pay off OR…we are reduced to a heap and cry out to God for help and mercy! (I personally aim for the former!)

So, there’s not much to tell today other than we are plugging away at the day to day and before you know it, we’ll see our fruit. I am personally hoping to see some next week at the next recital. Love has been working so hard and practicing so much I hope that she sees the fruit she is producing through her efforts. At least enough to keep her encouraged and going for awhile longer!

Well, back to tending the crops!


traci  🙂

P.S.Thanks for all of your prayers! Ali and family are doing much better this week!


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