Welcome To the New Look!

21/02/2007 § 3 Comments

Well, it’s mostly done! I have been working on this new blog template for a week or so now and I think it’s coming along swimmingly. I have most of my links up now and can sit back and work out the little things now. I will be starting to visit my friends again and hopefully finding new ones to share with on our adventures through homemaking, motherhood and of course, homeschooling. YAY!

I will be posting a lot more and hopefully, it will be a blessing to you. I am also adding new links to my sidebar, as I find them, so if you have any that you would like me to share on my blog that you just love and would fit into one of my categories, just let me know!

Also, I will be going through a few books and sharing my thoughts/ideas about them. I’ll probably have a few blurbs about the curricula we use too. The first one will be ‘Managers of Their Homes’ by Teri Maxwell and another will be ‘Raising Maidens of Virtue’ by Stacy McDonald. Stay tuned for those posts and please feel free to stop by and share your thoughts on these books too!


traci  🙂


§ 3 Responses to Welcome To the New Look!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Traci
    your blog looks vibrant and fun. I love 'happy' colours! We will forgive you for not visiting us all!…….. our grace we can extend!(teehee) I've been bad too,so don't you fret girl!
    Do come and visit me…..I have moved.
    I was Fiffi and now I am just Fee…..

  • drewsfamilytx says:

    I LOVE your new look!!!

    And MOTH was very helpful to me…while I didn't end up putting together a concrete schedule, it gave me great ideas about have a general scheduled flow of things and assigning time for my big boys to spend with the baby. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Your blog has a nice look. I have a blog for selling my crocheted and knitted products that I have made. Here is the url of my blog: http://rebeccascreations.blogspot.com/ if you want to visit it.

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