Knitting Adventures

22/03/2007 § 5 Comments

i have been learning how to knit for a few months now and have completed a very basic ‘garter ridge’ scarf. you can see a few flaws but that’s to be expected with a newbie. however, i didn’t let that stop me. i then received a skein of cotton from my MIL and started to work on a washcloth. well, the pattern was a little confusing and i really wasn’t ready for all the ‘repeat rows 10-15 3x’s and then go to step 4 and then repeat that 12x’s’…so i lost count. it was starting to look like the picture at least! so, i unravelled it. (not a good habit to have) she also gave me a book w/some stitch patterns to practice with. so now i’ve worked on the basics some and i am still liking it! 


i have limited supplies of things so it makes for not a lot to accomplish. i only have a few sizes in needles and some scratchy acrylic yarn so i don’t want to really do anything big and fantastic until i have some nicer yarns. i do like the needles i have. my faves are my circulars (aluminum). they are soooo cool/easy to use, they look intimidating, but i think they are so nice to use. you can just slide your work to the middle and it keeps all nice and safe-like. simply wonderful!


my favorite site to drool at for knitting needles/accessories is probably Lantern Moon. they offer some of the greatest needles, bags and carrying cases. my dream yarns would come from Blue Sky Alpacas. i pretty much want ALL of the yarns they sell. you wouldn’t believe how soft it is! my IRL friend Ali has a few knitting patterns on their site. this woman is talented! she’s got her own knitting blog too called ‘skeins her way’. she recently finished up this amazing shrug. hop on over and check it out!

kpixie and purlsoho are a few more fun sites to get lost in for awhile. then there’s the standard Lion Brand stuff and JoAnn Fabrics, but they are kind of like the ‘Walmart’ of the knitting community in my opinion. don’t get me wrong, they’ve got some good stuff. (confession: i think i may be turning into a yarn snob!)


what happened was i started out on Walmart acrylic yarn and some cheap needles and let me tell ya, it’s great to start at but once you get a taste for real fibers and nice needles…oh, ho, ho…you don’t wanna go back!  now, you can find some decent needles (i don’t recommend plastic) and they do have some basic cottons that work really well. and there are some fun pattern books for washcloths.


well, i’ve got to get back to my stockinette stitches for a baby hoodie i just started…but i’ll share that another time… 


The Problem IS 'Socialization'

13/03/2007 § 4 Comments

I am very pleased with the progress Love has been making since we started our homeschooling adventure. There’s a lot more cooperation and a lot less attitude about us homeschooling in general. She is actually happy more frequently and looks forward to schooling… most days. It was such a fight at first! I could barely keep her on task and almost got a GPS for her so I would know where she ran off  to hide when I got distracted doing something else!

Through all of this I have had a lot of ‘rude awakenings’. I didn’t realize all the damage I was creating in my daughters life by just doing the ‘normal’ thing and having her in public school. I did want to homeschool, but as a single mom I didn’t think I had a whole lot of choice. Her being at public school allowed me to work so I could provide for us. Besides, that’s what we’re supposed to do, put them in school, right?

I can remember the first day of kindergarten. My little Princess all dressed up so sweet with her new dress and new shoes and her curls all in the right place…crying and pleading with me to not make her go. We took a picture that day and that’s exactly what she looks like. It breaks my heart to think about it. I felt awful, but public school was the next rite of passage in life, that’s just what came next, right? 

Well, hind-sight is surely 20/20 because I now realize she wasn’t more socially ‘ready’ just because she was more social than others. And she was definitely not mature enough to handle what was thrown at her socially. And now, our schools have recently changed the grade breakup into K-5 elementary, 6-8 middle school and they now have 9-12 for high school. She would be at the high school with kids way beyond her and I know that she would try to not try to try to emulate that. Did you catch that? Translated it means she would have such turmoil trying to fit in and then trying to not fit in because of her faith/convictions. She would be consumed enough with the ‘socialization roller coaster’ that she would have a hard time succeeding.  

I’m not sure if it’s the same for boys, but for girls school IS a social event. Kayla wouldn’t come home and tell me about the wonderful time she had learning about bugs or verbs or art class. She would come home crying and proceed to tell me all about how so-and-so said such-and-such, and how they were mean, and won’t be my friend… The ‘socialization’ was one of our biggest PROBLEMS! It affected her schoolwork because she was so worried about the ‘mean girls’ and if so-and-so liked her that day. She wasn’t worried about failing math as much as who said they would be her friend or not and fitting in. She even had girls tell her she’d fit in better by coloring her hair! Her beautiful blonde hair! People, I took her out the second half of 6th grade! These girls were serious and my little girl was believing these strangers. We’re talking 10 and 11 year olds! 

Even to this day she will tell me the only thing she says she misses about public school are the ‘friends’ she had there. I’ve talked to her about how they probably really weren’t her friends to begin with. I’ve mentioned they have changed over the years and she probably wouldn’t want to be friends with them. I do to talk to her about the difference between real friends and acquaintances and that the people she knew in public school would be under the ‘acquaintance’ category.

She occasionally does see some of the kids she knew in school around town. Mostly, they don’t really offer a lot, if anything really. They have gone on in life without her and some just kind of nod or wave, if that. It’s really sad for her, but I think she’s starting to understand more and let go. My poor baby. Sometimes I feel like I’m weaning her from the world’s system.

I write this to say I don’t want other moms to be constantly bombarded with this thought: ‘I wonder if it would have been different if I would have just kept them home?’

I thank you Lord, that she IS home now. Blossoming into a beautiful young lady who loves You and wants to glorify and honor You and her parents.


traci  🙂

P.S.The Lord’s grace, strength and protection were always there for us through this time. I am so grateful He provided a way for us to eventually homeschool and that I eventually found the courage to do it! 

This Made Me Smile…

07/03/2007 § 3 Comments


I peeled this off of the banana I was about to eat…


traci  🙂

So there's been some Snow…

02/03/2007 § 5 Comments

ok, i’m downplaying it a little…

If you look up the weather for where we live you will read the following:

periods of snow with areas of blowing snow…

widespread blowing snow and a chance of snow…

heavy snowfall and blowing snow…

when I look out my window I see the following:

periods of snow with areas of blowing snow…

widespread blowing of snow and lots of snow…

heavy snowfall, blowing snow and lots more snow…

and even more than that, I see snow! It’s literally white out conditions around here.

So to make a long story longer…we’ve had A LOT of snow and it’s still coming! I’d say rough estimates for where we are would be at least 20" accumulatively so far–at least. Not mentioning what’s on its way–still.

It’s so pur-ty! I can’t wait to post pics. You won’t believe your eyes! Yes, I actually LIKE it! Hey I’m a Minnesotan. This is MILD!You should’ve been here in ’91!

There is a downside to all this fluffy white fun. We don’t have a snowblower, so yours truly has had to put her fair share of hours in shovelling the driveway…which needs to be done again. AND, it’s a good thing we aren’t using the backyard. We can’t find it anyway! Asa went out to get some wood for the fireplace(through the backyard) and I thought I’d lost him. Good thing he was wearing a black hat and that he’s 6 ft tall. That’s about all I could see of him, his black hat covered head! We’re gonna tie a rope around his waist and put bells on his boots the next time he has to go out, just like they do on Arctic expeditions! Well, maybe not the bells…

So we are having fun watching the snow fall and it’s so nice and bright because it’s so white. Maybe the sun is shining a little, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. You see there’s been some snow…


traci  🙂



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