Field Trip Time!

18/04/2007 § 4 Comments

I love this time of the year. Time to get out and Explore Minnesota!

We start by finding all there is to do in this great state of ours. From history to science and everything in between, we relate it to home school. The wonderful adventures of living your learning hands-on can’t be duplicated at home. Besides, my cabin fever must be quenched! I must get some fresh air and sunlight!

Many things we plan are done every year. They’ve become traditions of sorts and some of our fondest memories have been made at these times. Even dad gets to come along to a lot of them so he can experience with us. Making memories is a big part of life and I don’t want to sit back wishing I would have done something more. I would rather come home in the evening, put my feet up and fall asleep in a few minutes from exhaustive fun than waste the time away doing nothing! Rest assured, I am very frugal when it comes to finding activities for us. I go where the free and discount things are as much as possible. There are a few things however, that are very much worth the expense.

The great thing about a blog is you can post as you go through life. So stay tuned for our home school field trip adventures! (maybe I’ll get a digital camera soon so I can post more pics…my birthday IS in June…are you reading this honey? I love you!)

So, look out calendar, look out Minnesota, here we come! 


traci  🙂


MACHE is this week!

09/04/2007 § 2 Comments

It’s springtime here in Minnesota and that means MACHE! it’s the annual Minnesota Association of Homeschool Educators conference and yours truly will be attending. i wasn’t going to be able to go at first but now we are just making a way so that we can host a booth for Lampstand Press!

We have been using Tapestry of Grace as one of our core curricula for about a year or so now. we love it and love telling others about it. so being able to host a booth for them at the MACHE conference this year is the perfect fit! Asa and Kayla will be joining me as well as another homeschooling mom that i met over the phone last week. she is starting this year with TOG and sounds just as excited as i am. you know what that means right? we are going to have a great time! the only thing that would make it better is having the TOS and fellow HSB’ers there to meet and mingle with! (come on jen and gena, it’s not THAT cold up here in april!)

when we got home from orchestra practice today the kit was waiting for me. there’s a small box, a large tube and a REALLY huge box. it’s so big it needs wheels. no kidding! this will be interesting to go through and take inventory and see all the goodies i get to play with this weekend!

so, that said, i will bid you all adieu!


traci  🙂  

We're Sprouting Plants!

03/04/2007 § 2 Comments

A few weeks back for Botany class we planted a few different types of seeds. We have these clear tubes that we planted a radish, carrot and onion to watch the growth of their roots. So far we have a radish and an onion. The carrot was a casualty of my clumsiness so we’ll have to replant that one. We also have 4 green bean plants that are growing very fast and a few tomatoe plants that are about 2 inches tall already. I made an ‘Observation Data Sheet’ to track the plants progress and we will be drawing pictures at different stages of the plants growth for our notebooking. So far we are doing ok with remembering to chart. It is hard to get used to even though we check on them every morning for any signs of change. Honestly, I think partly it’s laziness. It’s so much easier to just check on the plants and walk away!  We’ll get the hang of it…

Another project is getting more soil into the big wash tubs we got from grandma. We’ll attempt a mini-garden while the weather is still trying to figure out what it wants to do. We have two so I may have flowers in one and some veggies in the other. That will also give us time to dig out all the rocks in the backyard to clear a spot for a real garden! I’m very excited about that. This is my first yard since I moved out of my parents home a LONG time ago and I’ll finally be able to garden! I will be able to plant flowers and anything I want. It’s ALL MINE!!! It’s such a sweet blessing. I thank the Lord OFTEN for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me. It’s been a long time waiting for some of my dreams to come true, but oh was it worth the wait! The Lord’s timing is perfect and His gifts are ALWAYS better than anything we can make happen ourselves. I am learning to just relax and not put my hands and plans into everything. Trust me, that is MUCH easier said than done sometimes!


blessings to you and yours,

traci  🙂



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