Field Trip Time!

18/04/2007 § 4 Comments

I love this time of the year. Time to get out and Explore Minnesota!

We start by finding all there is to do in this great state of ours. From history to science and everything in between, we relate it to home school. The wonderful adventures of living your learning hands-on can’t be duplicated at home. Besides, my cabin fever must be quenched! I must get some fresh air and sunlight!

Many things we plan are done every year. They’ve become traditions of sorts and some of our fondest memories have been made at these times. Even dad gets to come along to a lot of them so he can experience with us. Making memories is a big part of life and I don’t want to sit back wishing I would have done something more. I would rather come home in the evening, put my feet up and fall asleep in a few minutes from exhaustive fun than waste the time away doing nothing! Rest assured, I am very frugal when it comes to finding activities for us. I go where the free and discount things are as much as possible. There are a few things however, that are very much worth the expense.

The great thing about a blog is you can post as you go through life. So stay tuned for our home school field trip adventures! (maybe I’ll get a digital camera soon so I can post more pics…my birthday IS in June…are you reading this honey? I love you!)

So, look out calendar, look out Minnesota, here we come! 


traci  🙂


§ 4 Responses to Field Trip Time!

  • JenIG says:

    sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of great memories in the making!

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with your comments about the benefits of home schooling.

    I also see you have a shameless plug for a birthday present highlighted. It's not really fair to use the bully pulpit of your blog to put pressure on me. 🙂 – Your DH

  • Canadagirl says:

    I look forward to hearing about or seeing your memories my SSiC. (0;
    God Bless my SSiC
    In Him<><

  • Titus2woman says:

    Sounds GREAT! Just stopped by 'cuz I was missin' ya! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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