double points–away!

30/05/2007 § 5 Comments

so i am starting my next 2 projects (#5 & #6) on double points. yep, that’s right. i’m just gonna dive right in and go for it. i’ve read about it, watched a video about it, bought some sticks for it and made a small swatch that resembles something tubular (whoa, like totally tubular! sorry…). the only thing that’s left is to actually make something! i think it should go well and it will be fun to try something new.

in the meantime…in between time…hm, hm, hm-hmm…

i can’t wait to get my new yarn! i placed an order with Deb at Fearless Fibers. i got a skein of the Sand and Sun and Antique Rose colorways. i’m sooooo excited! (where is that mailman already?) i highly recommend visiting if you haven’t yet. you get a ton of yarn at a great price and the colorways are ALL fabulous! Deb was great to work with and it was easy to shop/pay/contact her. go see, go dream, go drool! (and i’m pretty picky too)

i’m hoping to try a pair of socks or two this summer with it and maybe a lacey something-or-other. i’ve found a few sock patterns that could be do-able. my friend wants to try Monkey Socks…yikes! they are a busy looking little sock aren’t they? cool, but busy. i’m still trying to not be too intimidated (yes me) by sock patterns. the socks themselves look great. but the patterns, they just look so tedious and time consuming and those tiny needles…however, i have been told that once i do one, i’ll go completely sock crazy and need to make a billion of them. hopefully in sets of 2. so, we’ll see…


Let Me Explain…

26/05/2007 § 2 Comments

my absence lately. No, there is too much. Let me sum up…

We have been busy wrapping up school and staying focused with getting schoolwork completed. There is a lot to get through before we start 8th grade this fall and I want to be ready. We have been having a great time plowing through our subjects and we have seen some really great dvd’s to enhance our learning. We are nearing the end and it feels so good!

I have also started a knitting blog because my knitting hobby has gotten bigger and has turned into an opportunity to make a little money on the side. I am having a lot of fun with it and have a few projects going to keep me occupied. Come on over to see what I’ve been up to in that arena!

I have also taken on a 2yr old boy 3-4 days a week for some extra money as well. He is a really good kid and we have fun while he’s here, but another chunk of my time has been going to taking care of him. That makes it hard to get online for any real length of time, especially when there are server issues and login problems. HSB is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. I’m still here aren’t I? This is a great community that I don’t intend on giving up. Life has just gotten a bit busier, that’s all! Where else would I get to meet and read about homeschoolers and their fun adventures in homeschooling?

Well, as you can see there have been a lot of recent developments  that have taken up some big chunks of my time and with summer approaching, which brings camping, cookouts and field trips, I will do my best to keep up with it all!  😉


traci  🙂

Chamber Orchestra Finale!

26/05/2007 § 1 Comment

Last week we had our final orchestra concert for the season-until summer. the kids were fabulous and Kayla played her heart out. She has been working really hard to get the songs right and she sure showed it. There were even some newer songs that were a bit more challenging that she tried to play along with instead of sit out (which was an option for the newer kids). We are so proud of her! She looked great too.

The day started about noon and we got to the church with just enough time to put some rollers in her hair. She wore them all day and was a good sport about it. It really paid off too because she looked so sweet with all those curls bouncing around her shoulders and back! My little baby is growing up so fast!

I got some knitting time in too and of course visited with the ohter mommies while practice was going on. We have a few weeks off before summer lessons start up so that will be used to get things wrapped up for the ‘school year’. We homeschool year round, but we try to have the grade we’re in (7th-I’ll explain in another post.) completed so we can work on some extra fun stuff, review and testing. We’ve had a really productive year so far and it will be great to end on a high note!



traci  🙂

a little history

25/05/2007 § 8 Comments

ok, so i’ve mostly thought knitting would be cool to learn how to do. i don’t remember the actual sequence of events but it’s goes something like this…

sometime during this last year or so, i remember something about red chenille and Ali trying to help me learn to cast on. i found this knitting bag at a garage sale or hand-me-down or somthing-or-other with tons of needles (poo-mostly crochet). then, getting a Susan Bates ‘learn to knit’ kit at Wal*Mart and my MIL teaching me the thumb cast on because i had forgotten the cast on that Ali taught me. i spent a lot of time learning/mastering that (i’m not terribly coordinated. i can’t even do the ‘running man’. *sniff, sniff*. this ones for you Ali!). then i tried actually knitting the chenille on needles that now i know were too small and it was so tight it broke so i gave up for awhile. then i got a skein of Homespun from my FIL who had also knit me this great scarf the year before in ‘eyelash’ yarn(?) and that sat around for awhile. several months later i tried again and came up with exhibit ‘A’ in an earlier post below. then i was a ‘master’ so i ran to wally world and bought several skeins of ‘red heart’ acrylic b/c i thought that’s what you knit with. in between there i learned stockinette and was practicing some random knitting and purling. i then dug out the chenille and tried a larger needle and lo-and-behold, it worked!
i was working on that garter scarf when i was asked to make the camo scarf for the violist. that turned into exhibit ‘B’ in the other post below. that was this last February/April-ish? then through Ali, Blue Sky Alpacas asked me to knit a couple Baby Hoodies for them and i learned seaming, following a pattern, 3-needle bind off and a bunch of other stuff. which leads us to exhibit ‘C’ right here:

not too bad huh? i was a bit nervous at first, but i kept on task and watched EVERY video on, Ali gave me a helping hand and a few technique pointers and they turned out great! (thanks again Ali!) i had a lot of fun making them once i focused and became more familiar with things. i’ve always been a fast learner (whew!) and that character quality comes in handy often.
so, other than a few fuzzy details in between, that’s it in a medium-sized nutshell!

Summer Knitting

23/05/2007 § 4 Comments

well, because my great friend Ali is having a contest on her blog ‘Skeins Her Way’, here’s my hopeful list for the summer months to complete my entry.

~start a few knit-a-longs and knit the items for them (i already have the ideas, just need to implement them and design blog buttons. so check back for the list!)
~find a great sock pattern (and/or make my own) and make 2 pairs (i’m open to suggestions)
~design/knit some scarves for winter gifts for family members
~design/knit a teen-style cardi or pullover that even my daughter will wear
~keep teaching my daughter to knit a few basic items
~knitting samples and testing patterns that Blue Sky sends my way
~make myself a cardi/pullover or some other little treat
~have my daughter and i make the Felted Clutch from BSA to try out felting
~and of course building up my stash of fibers and needles!

i think there’s something about seeing, in writing, what you want to accomplish (and what you think you can accomplish) that gives a bit of clarity. and i love checking things off as i go. there’s nothing quite like the feeling of completing something!

SOOOOOO, there you have it. here’s the link to the contest, now hop on over to Ali’s and tell her i sent ya!

a short while later…

19/05/2007 § 4 Comments

…i found myself offering to knit up another scarf for a young violist at my daughter’s chamber orchestra lesson. she is learning to play the violin. i am learning to knit. i knit while she practices. it’s a great excuse to get some knitting time in. i also get to chat it up with my great friend Ali while she knits and her kids are practicing. what a spoiled life i have huh? i’m very grateful for it trust me!

anyhoooo, onto the story…
so i’m knitting and Ali’s knitting and we’re chatting and in walks the young violist and he starts to admire my ‘work’. he mentions something about wanting a scarf and i mention i could accomodate that and the next thing ya know i’m on a hunting expedition at wally-world for camo yarn! it was a very neat little exchange and my first ‘comissioned’ work. it actually turned out well and i was able to give him a pretty decent looking scarf as a gift. i felt bad it was in scratchy acrylic, but he felt great about getting a scarf–so it all worked out in the end!

here’s my ever-so-loverly daughter with the aforementioned scarf. tres chic, n’est-ce pas? sorry for the camera phone pic.

see you in a round,

In the Beginning…

17/05/2007 § 5 Comments

…there was the garter ridge scarf. and it was good.

the rite of passage for every new knitter-wanna-be. *sigh*
‘memories…all alone in the moonlight…la da da de da dah dah…hm hm hm hm hm hmmmmm…’
oh, sorry, i’m back now.

and here is my very first one. as you can see, there are already signs of my numerous talents with fibers and sticks. notice the uneven lines and extra bumps/loops for that ‘textured’ look? and the raw ‘triangular end stretch’ that i accomplished without foreknowledge? i know, i know. that’s some pure prowess right there people.

of course for the ‘full effect’, here i am modelling it for all it’s worth (a quarter maybe? any takers? anyone? any ebay-ers?)

i want to say this was a candid ‘i love what you’ve done to your ceiling Ali‘ look, but it’s not. it’s hard to tell, but i was actually trying to pose. yep, there’s a reason i’m not a model (and you thought it was b/c i’m short-silly you!). don’t get me wrong. the pay is good, but not worth the neck strain for poses like this one–which are common (a little known fact right there for ya). and of course the blue-on-blue really makes the bluesness of the yarn POP out atcha.

well, i don’t want to overwhelm everyone with too many goodies. hopefully i’ve whet someone’s appetite. so check back every so often for a little treat!

see U in a round,

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