My How Time Flys By…

07/05/2007 § 5 Comments

The roller coaster of homeschooling stops for NO ONE! We have been working really hard at staying on task to finish up the school year with a bang. So far…so good! We are finishing up qiute a few subjects and are getting quite a routine down. Of course I would like to see more progress, but I am thankful for how far we’ve come and believe me, it’s borderline miraculous!

Orchestra has been moving along with another recital down and many more practice sessions. Love is making such strides and we are very pleased with her. She is really enjoying herself too, so that in itself is a nice reward.

The MACHE conference went well and I had enough people using my affiliate code when buying Tapestry Of Grace products to be able to buy another year for free and then some! Or, I could just raid they’re bookshelf and get more great titles for our ever growing family library. I’m not sure how I’ll decide, but either way I’m ahead! YAY!

Well, I’m knitting up a couple of Baby Hoodies for Blue Sky Alpacas and need to get back to them. I am really excited about learning to knit. It has been a great adventure so far. It’s well worth the sense of accomplishment you feel when you finish a project. Even the ones that take awhile! 



traci  🙂



§ 5 Responses to My How Time Flys By…

  • Anonymous says:

    Way to go, My Sweetie! I am proud of you. – Your DH

  • drewsfamilytx says:

    That is great news about the TOG!

    I wish I could report that we are plugging along…but for now, it has been on the backburner– not by my choice. Oh well. We go year round anyway and it's been nice helping out friends and family…

    Have a great weekend, Traci!

  • dawilli says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a blessed and wonderful Mother's Day!

    Enjoy them,

  • JenIG says:

    your knitting projects sound great! i am hopeless when it comes to stuff like that.

  • daybydaygrace says:

    I'm glad to hear everything has been going so well for you all this year. Our year has been great also. What is TOG curriculum like? I've never seen any of it. Blessings, Traci

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