a short while later…

19/05/2007 § 4 Comments

…i found myself offering to knit up another scarf for a young violist at my daughter’s chamber orchestra lesson. she is learning to play the violin. i am learning to knit. i knit while she practices. it’s a great excuse to get some knitting time in. i also get to chat it up with my great friend Ali while she knits and her kids are practicing. what a spoiled life i have huh? i’m very grateful for it trust me!

anyhoooo, onto the story…
so i’m knitting and Ali’s knitting and we’re chatting and in walks the young violist and he starts to admire my ‘work’. he mentions something about wanting a scarf and i mention i could accomodate that and the next thing ya know i’m on a hunting expedition at wally-world for camo yarn! it was a very neat little exchange and my first ‘comissioned’ work. it actually turned out well and i was able to give him a pretty decent looking scarf as a gift. i felt bad it was in scratchy acrylic, but he felt great about getting a scarf–so it all worked out in the end!

here’s my ever-so-loverly daughter with the aforementioned scarf. tres chic, n’est-ce pas? sorry for the camera phone pic.

see you in a round,

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