Summer Knitting

23/05/2007 § 4 Comments

well, because my great friend Ali is having a contest on her blog ‘Skeins Her Way’, here’s my hopeful list for the summer months to complete my entry.

~start a few knit-a-longs and knit the items for them (i already have the ideas, just need to implement them and design blog buttons. so check back for the list!)
~find a great sock pattern (and/or make my own) and make 2 pairs (i’m open to suggestions)
~design/knit some scarves for winter gifts for family members
~design/knit a teen-style cardi or pullover that even my daughter will wear
~keep teaching my daughter to knit a few basic items
~knitting samples and testing patterns that Blue Sky sends my way
~make myself a cardi/pullover or some other little treat
~have my daughter and i make the Felted Clutch from BSA to try out felting
~and of course building up my stash of fibers and needles!

i think there’s something about seeing, in writing, what you want to accomplish (and what you think you can accomplish) that gives a bit of clarity. and i love checking things off as i go. there’s nothing quite like the feeling of completing something!

SOOOOOO, there you have it. here’s the link to the contest, now hop on over to Ali’s and tell her i sent ya!


§ 4 Responses to Summer Knitting

  • ali says:

    Let’s make some Monkey socks!Great list-Happy knitting,ali

  • Sheknits says:

    Thanks for entering mt stitch marker give away contest. I know what you meant about that whole thing of seeing your goals in writing and the clarity it gives you…my problem is mt goals have already cahnged since I wrote them down last week! Also I think it is so cool you are a test knitter for Blue sky…do you think they need any more test knitters? If you have any advice please let me know-Lastly- you look like the HAPPIEST person in the pictures of yourself (including your avatar) I can’t help but smile when I see your picture!

  • sylv says:

    Hey, the Sweater Socks are a real easy pattern and they’re oh-so-wonderful… for around the house. You’d need shoes about 3 sizes bigger to accommodate them!P.S. I shipped off a couple projects for you today.

  • asaveek says:

    Looks ambitious. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see the finished projects!

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