a little history

25/05/2007 § 8 Comments

ok, so i’ve mostly thought knitting would be cool to learn how to do. i don’t remember the actual sequence of events but it’s goes something like this…

sometime during this last year or so, i remember something about red chenille and Ali trying to help me learn to cast on. i found this knitting bag at a garage sale or hand-me-down or somthing-or-other with tons of needles (poo-mostly crochet). then, getting a Susan Bates ‘learn to knit’ kit at Wal*Mart and my MIL teaching me the thumb cast on because i had forgotten the cast on that Ali taught me. i spent a lot of time learning/mastering that (i’m not terribly coordinated. i can’t even do the ‘running man’. *sniff, sniff*. this ones for you Ali!). then i tried actually knitting the chenille on needles that now i know were too small and it was so tight it broke so i gave up for awhile. then i got a skein of Homespun from my FIL who had also knit me this great scarf the year before in ‘eyelash’ yarn(?) and that sat around for awhile. several months later i tried again and came up with exhibit ‘A’ in an earlier post below. then i was a ‘master’ so i ran to wally world and bought several skeins of ‘red heart’ acrylic b/c i thought that’s what you knit with. in between there i learned stockinette and was practicing some random knitting and purling. i then dug out the chenille and tried a larger needle and lo-and-behold, it worked!
i was working on that garter scarf when i was asked to make the camo scarf for the violist. that turned into exhibit ‘B’ in the other post below. that was this last February/April-ish? then through Ali, Blue Sky Alpacas asked me to knit a couple Baby Hoodies for them and i learned seaming, following a pattern, 3-needle bind off and a bunch of other stuff. which leads us to exhibit ‘C’ right here:

not too bad huh? i was a bit nervous at first, but i kept on task and watched EVERY video on KnittingHelp.com, Ali gave me a helping hand and a few technique pointers and they turned out great! (thanks again Ali!) i had a lot of fun making them once i focused and became more familiar with things. i’ve always been a fast learner (whew!) and that character quality comes in handy often.
so, other than a few fuzzy details in between, that’s it in a medium-sized nutshell!

§ 8 Responses to a little history

  • Sheknits says:

    Fast learner is an understatement. How do you jump from making a simple old garter st. scarf to being a test knitter of hooded baby sweaters and turn out with sweaters that look that perfect?? At least in the pictures they look pretty flawless. YOu were born to knit! So I tried to contact Blue sky through the two e-mails on their website and both e-mails were returned as undeliverable…I would love to be a test knitter for them…I would love to summit patterns to them for publication! Any ideas, I guess I could call….anyway I liked hearing your history,

  • thank you so much! i’m really proud of them. they really stoked the knitting bug flame for me to keep learning and making things!:)

  • ali says:

    I still LOVE those pinks with that brown! They look soooo yummy together, I may NEED to make osmething for my kids with htose colors- my list grows…Happy knitting-ali

  • Jean says:

    Wow! You’re a warp speed learner! Those sweaters are stunning. Love the color choices! And I love how bold and fearless you are to dive right in. Good for you!

  • Fiberjoy says:

    Don’t stop now! I’m flabbergasted at how quickly you stepped from scarves to great hoodies! You have to learn to spin. Well, maybe not. It does take time away from knitting.

  • Wow! That is just so awesome! I’m so impressed and proud of you (and I just met you today). I learned from a friend in December and the “biggest” project I’ve done was to knit some socks. I want to knit the twins some sweaters for the winter but I do think I’ll knit them in acrylic because they’ll only be able to wear them one season, if that.I also have a crazy dream to knit everyone in my family (including myself) a Crayola-colored sweater and have a picture of us taken in the fall when the leaves are changing. I have big plans.Thanks for sending me your HSB name. I have such trouble with getting HSB to come up that I finally just left the blog there and don’t update, but if you want to see what I’ve got going over there, my user name is SlackerMom.Happy stitching!

  • Heather says:

    Your sweaters turned out fantastic! I think that fearless is the way to go with knitting. I’d love to test things for BSA, too. I’m a big fan of their yarns.

  • Zonda says:

    Wow, those sweaters turned out super!! And you just started knitting?? Amazing!Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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