double points–away!

30/05/2007 § 5 Comments

so i am starting my next 2 projects (#5 & #6) on double points. yep, that’s right. i’m just gonna dive right in and go for it. i’ve read about it, watched a video about it, bought some sticks for it and made a small swatch that resembles something tubular (whoa, like totally tubular! sorry…). the only thing that’s left is to actually make something! i think it should go well and it will be fun to try something new.

in the meantime…in between time…hm, hm, hm-hmm…

i can’t wait to get my new yarn! i placed an order with Deb at Fearless Fibers. i got a skein of the Sand and Sun and Antique Rose colorways. i’m sooooo excited! (where is that mailman already?) i highly recommend visiting if you haven’t yet. you get a ton of yarn at a great price and the colorways are ALL fabulous! Deb was great to work with and it was easy to shop/pay/contact her. go see, go dream, go drool! (and i’m pretty picky too)

i’m hoping to try a pair of socks or two this summer with it and maybe a lacey something-or-other. i’ve found a few sock patterns that could be do-able. my friend wants to try Monkey Socks…yikes! they are a busy looking little sock aren’t they? cool, but busy. i’m still trying to not be too intimidated (yes me) by sock patterns. the socks themselves look great. but the patterns, they just look so tedious and time consuming and those tiny needles…however, i have been told that once i do one, i’ll go completely sock crazy and need to make a billion of them. hopefully in sets of 2. so, we’ll see…


§ 5 Responses to double points–away!

  • Do NOT knit socks unless you are willing to give up any and all extra money for a sock yarn stash…oh…the sock yarn available is INCREDIBLE…..sock knitting is THE most addictive knitting……don’t ask me how I know!! LOL!!I would suggest that you use the magic loop method or use 2 circular needles. I learned on DPN’s and as a beginner I can see where using the circs would be so much easier to learn on! I have a very easy sock pattern for 2 circs if you would like a copy, just em me. radhouse at mindspring dot com.

  • Debra says:

    Are those Crystal Palace needles, the best DPNs on the market??? They’re strong, durable, and just plain wonderful for sock knitting. Not bad for mittens/sleeves/etc., too.I’m not opinionated. Oh… no. 🙂

  • sylv says:

    Ya know, speaking of complicated sock patterns… I cast on a lace pair recently and they’re surprisingly fun and addictive. Call me crazy, but I kinda like following those little charts and watching all the intricacies coming together.

  • ali says:

    I NEED some size 1’s & 2’s!!! Sock knitting is signing its siren song to me…

  • Jean says:

    Good for you, just dive right in to the dpn’s! I love your go-get-em approach! There really is no need to be afraid of dpn’s. Joining the round and the first row can be fiddly (not difficult, just fiddly), after that, it’s a breeze. Actually, here’s a favorite tip of mine: take the tail from the cast on and thread it on a darning needle. Then slip it through the stitch you’re about to knit. It’ll help you close the gap and makes joining the round easier. I love knitting socks on dpn’s, but I can’t use bamboo. My US 0, 1 and 2 dpn’s are all aluminum because the bamboo ones have a tendancy to bow when they’re that thin. That’s what happened to mine, anyway.

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