New Family Adventure

08/08/2007 § 4 Comments

So I’m sure you have all heard about family devotions and many of you probably already have them. Well, my husband and I have been thinking for a long time this would be a great way for him to exercise his headship and for our family to do something wonderful together. It has been a ‘planned’ thing that we keep meaning to get to. Until now…


We have now joined the ranks of family devotion-ers! It has been so wonderful! Asa is really taking the lead on this and it has been a blessing. To be real with you, it has been a bit awkward for my daughter and I. For 12 years it was just her and I and I was the ‘head’. Sure Asa was there for a lot of that, and he would help, but it was still my responsibility until we got married to be the head of the house. Folks, that is a LONG time to be operating in independence, not to mention the very liberal, hippie, jezebel  upbringing I had.  


Fast forward to being married and having to learn how to be a helpmate and not the head has been a bit challenging in some areas. It is so natural at times to just do what needs to be done and be the ‘alpha parent’. The one who does the most of the parenting all by herself without dad’s input or help. Yeah, it’s not easy. It doesn’t help when your husband is a sweet, generous loving man who has a hard time saying no. It’s amazing what happens when I step back though. I just have to keep reminding myself to be quiet and step back to let him parent and lead.


Well, we had a great first devotion time last week. Asa chose ‘the beatitudes’ in Matthew to start with. We are going verse by verse and trying to memorize the passage. We are doing it right after meal time while we’re all together. Asa reads the passage, gives his take on it and we have a discussion and possibly some looking up of words for deeper understanding. Then we each pray, trying to incorporate the passage we just studied. And that’s it! We keep it short and sweet and around 15 minutes. It’s been hard to keep it up on a regular basis. There are so many other things that want our attention. It is a habit that will take time to get used to, but one we want to make!  We’re just so used to running around and doing other things! It has been such a blessing to see Asa step out and do this. It has been great for me to work on letting him lead. It has been good for Lovebug to have a father that will lead her in God’s word. I am such a BLESSED woman! Thank you Lord Jesus!!


blessings to you and yours,

traci  🙂



§ 4 Responses to New Family Adventure

  • drewsfamilytx says:

    That is awesome!!!

    It is hard to step back and let them lead. It is hard for them when they see that their wife is very capable indeed.

    Rejoicing with you! May God continue to bless your home and encourage Asa in his new role.


  • daybydaygrace says:

    It's so good to hear from you! We have been wondering where you was at. I know things can get so busy at times that you don't even realize how much time has gone by since the last blog post.
    We'll pray for your family devotions. That is something that the devil does not like. And yes, it is a struggle. The devil always puts other things in your mind that you need to be doing, places to go, etc. Just over come all of those things & do what God desires for your family. Blessings, Traci

  • LittleEblingsAcademy says:

    What beautiful memories you are creating!!

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  • daybydaygrace says:

    Just stopped in to see how things were going. Hope all is well. Blessings, Traci

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