Tomatoe Staking my 14yo?

06/09/2007 § 9 Comments

ok, so you’d think that by this age i wouldn’t need to do a whole lot in the area of training my daughter, let alone keeping her so close. well, yes…and no. you see, parenting skills have i not of my own, but parenting skills must i learn and make them my own.


when i had my daughter at the tender, naive age of 19, i didn’t know what to do or what i was going to do. so, i prayed, went to a church, found the Lord and started a journey toward becoming who Christ intended me to be. it’s only been the last few years that i have even really begun to know and understand who that is. i’ve spent many years climbing to the top of the rubble heap that was my life in order to ‘find myself’. i have by no means arrived per se, but i have a much clearer picture to look at and a reference point that is not so clouded. i did not grow up in the way, and it was never modeled for me, of parenting the way God intended–even with the mistakes. so my only references needed to be erased and replaced with those of the Lord and His word and not the ways of man or the world. not as easy to do as it is to say by any stretch of the imagination. i have struggled for many years trying to do what’s right in raising my daughter and even though i wish there were ‘do-over’s’ i still press on, trying not to look back and regret.


many prayers and petitions has the Lord heard me cry from the depths of my heart for this child (and me). and because God is Who He says He is, i am who i am today. she is who she is today. yes, there’s room for more, much more, but I thank the Lord for what He has done for us thus far. He is so worthy of my most humblest praise. for without Him, we would be as the grass…gone. God be praised!




School's Cool!

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so, school has been back in session and so far…so great! we have completed most if not all of the subjects and a few extras every day. I am so determined to be better at things this year than ever before-with everything really. I am using a few things to help/encourage me. I just got a copy of Teri Maxwell’s Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit and I have been reading a borrowed copy of her Managers of Their Homes (thanks Ali). Along with a few other things from the Maxwell’s and my list of ‘to get to’ books(Charlotte Mason CompanionShepherding A Child’s Heart  , Raising Godly Tomatoes and visiting The Woodshed Message Board, others) and my new Bible devotion time I have been/things have been changing…for the better.


I took the summer ‘off’ from blogging, people and anything extra with church so I could find a focus for my life and home. I am still discovering what that whole picture is going to look like, but I have a much clearer picture to start with. I think as I go along things will start to define themselves more and more and I will have a firmer foundation to draw from. The key to all of this is building on the cornerstone. My faith in Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior is the beginning point from which all other things must start and flow from. Without that, all is in my own strength and in vain.


I only have a moment to spare as I haven’t quite gotten my personal schedule to the point where I can do a whole lot of ‘extras’ yet. YET. I do plan on coming back around a bit more frequently as I really see this as a tool to grow in and share with. This is a good Christian Homeschool community and I’m so glad to be a part of it!



traci  🙂

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