Tomatoe Staking my 14yo?

06/09/2007 § 9 Comments

ok, so you’d think that by this age i wouldn’t need to do a whole lot in the area of training my daughter, let alone keeping her so close. well, yes…and no. you see, parenting skills have i not of my own, but parenting skills must i learn and make them my own.


when i had my daughter at the tender, naive age of 19, i didn’t know what to do or what i was going to do. so, i prayed, went to a church, found the Lord and started a journey toward becoming who Christ intended me to be. it’s only been the last few years that i have even really begun to know and understand who that is. i’ve spent many years climbing to the top of the rubble heap that was my life in order to ‘find myself’. i have by no means arrived per se, but i have a much clearer picture to look at and a reference point that is not so clouded. i did not grow up in the way, and it was never modeled for me, of parenting the way God intended–even with the mistakes. so my only references needed to be erased and replaced with those of the Lord and His word and not the ways of man or the world. not as easy to do as it is to say by any stretch of the imagination. i have struggled for many years trying to do what’s right in raising my daughter and even though i wish there were ‘do-over’s’ i still press on, trying not to look back and regret.


many prayers and petitions has the Lord heard me cry from the depths of my heart for this child (and me). and because God is Who He says He is, i am who i am today. she is who she is today. yes, there’s room for more, much more, but I thank the Lord for what He has done for us thus far. He is so worthy of my most humblest praise. for without Him, we would be as the grass…gone. God be praised!




§ 9 Responses to Tomatoe Staking my 14yo?

  • drewsfamilytx says:

    I am so thankful that God has given us an instruction book to our lives! I think we will always be a work in progress, whether 19 or 99– I certainly will be!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been stopping by from time to time to check & see how things were going for you. It is good to see that you are going to be posting from time to time.
    I don't think any of us would be where we are at today without God's help. He carries & leads each one of us HS moms every day on our journey of HSing. How lost we'd be without loving & kind hand leading us.
    Hope to hear from you soon, Blesiings, TRaci

  • christlike says:

    Hi Traci,
    I was just blogging around. I pray that your HSing days are filled with blessings and joy!!!!!
    Praying for you & family.
    In Him; Elton

  • trustingdaily says:

    I see you've changed your blog look!! But that could've been a while ago as I've been so sporadic around here. I was so disappointed with all the changes, but I have a cable modem at the moment so I'm zooming…trying to get in all the blogging, chatting and posting I can 'till I go back to the stone ages of dial-up when we leave Denver.

    Hope you're doing well.

  • LittleEblingsAcademy says:

    Great entry… And so true…for all of us.

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  • Robinlyn says:

    Hi, I found your blog with the Random blogger button.

    I, too, have had to learn "on the job". God is so gracious to us to give us a new life and one that we can share with our children. I have two young ladies at home and we use Tapestry of Grace, too, along with a variety of others.
    Thanks for blogging and keep seeking the Lord for His wisdom.

  • momofmhasr says:

    I liked the look of your blog and thought it would be neat to learn more about you you've been tagged find out here ~

  • JenIG says:

    amen! and so beautifully said.

    PS when i first read your title i thought it said Tomato Skating and i was suddenly filled with an inexpressible urge to go to a roller rink. just thought you'd want to know.

  • dawilli says:

    It's so much easier to tomato stake our children when we can get the concept of tomato-staking ourselves to the Lord!
    I think it's harder to train myself than it is for me to train my children… at times…
    Keep up the good work, keep fighting the good fight, there is so much on the line!

    Enjoy her-

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