For My Lovebug

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my daughter loves blue. my daughter could use a great cardigan. BSA has great yarn and a great pattern. need i say more?


Sock Progress

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so the top sock is the one from my Sock Class and the second one i just HAD to start (from the same pattern) b/c of how fabulous the colorway is (from Fearless Fibers-Sand and Sun). i immediately balled it and got started. it’s turning out rather loverly i think. i’m not as fond of the first one. it’s ok and all, but it’s knitting up very slow. i kinda just grabbed a skein w/out really thinking about it and making sure i REALLY liked it and wanted it…oh well, live and learn right? i WILL finish at least the one so i can say ‘i finished it’. this may be the first addition to the ‘NGFT’ pile (Never Gonna Finish That). i will most likely finish the Sand and Sun to make a pair cause it’s just such a great color!

finding inspiration…getting inspired…

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so i have taken some time to just randomly peruse some other knitting blogs for encouragement and inspiration to pick up the needles more frequently. of course i found some great things and people. a lot of the showcased items were, needless to say, extraordinary. i think i am actually starting to get a bit more pumped up about this whole knitting thing. who knows, maybe one of these days i’ll actually become a full fledged knitter!


Kitchen Duty

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So, today I occupied my day with cleaning out the cupbaords and rearranging them. Oh does it feel nice to declutter and organize! I wouldn’t say all things are in there ‘final’ spots, but they are much closer than before. Ahhhhhhh….. 

One of the things that prompted this (besides trying to overcome my ‘I’ve-been-meaning-to-do-that’ syndrome) was the fact that we, as a couple, not only decided on a dinnerware set we liked (see above pic) but we actually went out and were able to buy it! The whole set of them! Dinner plates, salad plates, creal bowls, coffee cups and…and they all match! This great color goes so well with my newly painted kitchen (pink cupboards and green walls w/antique white trim). They also match the pink accent pieces I’ve been finding too. Think Depression Era pink and green glass and you’ll have the colors I chose to use in my kitchen/dining room. Along with chrome and dark brown woods. I’m trying to keep with the 1950’s look of the house (built in 1954). Oh it is coming together so nicely! I never in a million years, nor anyone else who knows me, would have thought I could atually decorate something that looks pretty good and isn’t plaid and polka-dots! I was never known for being fashionable or having any sense of style. Ecclectic to the eye-sore extreme was me. I thank the Lord for how far I’ve come!

I know in the grand scheme of life it doesn’t matter, but there’s something about having a few ‘luxuries’ like matching dishes. I am usually pretty thrifty and am not looking to store up treasures here on Earth, but I really like having some nice, new things. I usually scour the clearance aisles and racks looking for things we need and how awesome was it that the set was on sale too! I really like pretty things now, so it’s fun when I can have a few pretty things of my own. I feel so very blessed!

Socks on Circulars

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so this last summer i took a class at Shepherd’s Choice called ‘Socks on Circulars’. Because of my schedule, i was only able to go to the first class. oh well, it gave me enough info to start a sock. yes, a sock. it is coming along very slowly. it is so tedious. i am determined to finish it someday though. and then add it’s mate. i’ve been trying to sneak a few rows here and there but really, it’s not my favorite thing to knit. it IS a good filler. something to do in between. it’s nice to just do a few rows of straight knitting, no purling, just knitting. the tricky part is the seam, but if you pay attention, it’s pretty easy to get used to keeping it snug so there aren’t any (many) gaps. i’ll have to take a pic to show my progress sometime soon. at least it looks like a sock and not something random!

hey there, hi there, ho there!

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ok, after a long summer and busy fall, i think i’m back in action. so, i shall soon be posting a bit more regularly…i hope.

i’m hoping to start a new knitting chapter by finishing up a few UFO’s and then start tackling some projects i have been wanting to get to for myself. sooooo, we’ll see where we go from here!

It's A New Year…Already

18/01/2008 § 4 Comments

ok, so i had a great little post and it kinda got lost…and i don’t even remember what i wrote…ok, well, i know i ended it with a little prayer. something like this:

Praying for a great 2008!


traci  🙂 

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