Socks on Circulars

18/01/2008 § 2 Comments

so this last summer i took a class at Shepherd’s Choice called ‘Socks on Circulars’. Because of my schedule, i was only able to go to the first class. oh well, it gave me enough info to start a sock. yes, a sock. it is coming along very slowly. it is so tedious. i am determined to finish it someday though. and then add it’s mate. i’ve been trying to sneak a few rows here and there but really, it’s not my favorite thing to knit. it IS a good filler. something to do in between. it’s nice to just do a few rows of straight knitting, no purling, just knitting. the tricky part is the seam, but if you pay attention, it’s pretty easy to get used to keeping it snug so there aren’t any (many) gaps. i’ll have to take a pic to show my progress sometime soon. at least it looks like a sock and not something random!


§ 2 Responses to Socks on Circulars

  • ali says:

    Eventually…I loved knitting my socks- it’s one of my new loves.Happy knitting-ali

  • ali says:

    You want I should fix you up with some new blog digs? I’ll play around a bit soon and send you the links for some goodies, k?I never meant for that first banner to be permanent, just something to get you up and running! Now I’ve got loads of new ideas…Happy knitting-FINISH THOSE HOODIES!!!ali

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