Humble Beginnings

26/03/2008 § 1 Comment

so i was doing some Spring cleaning and thought it should include my stash. it was a good idea cause it was pretty disorganized and honestly, i couldn’t even remember what i had tucked away. so, when i came across a ziploc bag with these items in it, i was instantly brought back to where i began my whole knitting journey…

it was my first time in a LYS and i really didn’t know what i was doing AT ALL. i knew i wanted to make something, i knew i wanted Blue Sky Alpacas yarn, and i knew i needed needles. i ended up with 3 hanks of the organic cotton in ‘willow’ and a Plymouth bamboo circular needle, size 8. they gave me a free ruler, put it all in a cute bag, and sent me on my merry way! i had NO IDEA what i would do with any of it.

enter my great friend, who had been knitting for a few years and was trying to get me ‘hooked’. she recommended getting the book ‘Baby Knits for Beginners’ by Debbie Bliss. so i did. i picked out the boatneck sweater and started knitting some basic stockinette. then, i started doing projects for Blue Sky (all those sweet baby hoodies and a few others) and it got put in a bag for ‘later’. well, that was about a year or so ago and i have found it and i finished up the front. i am going to finish this project so i can add a FO to my list. besides, it’s such a shame to see that yummy yarn just sitting there with no one to love it!


another kind of cotton

26/03/2008 § 2 Comments

so my ‘in between time’ has been filled with this little project. a cute, easy pattern from a Leisure Arts book called ‘Color-Splash Dishcloths’. i’m using some basic sugar’n’cream cotton in their Rosewood colorway. it’s a nice yarn that is very well suited for this kind of item. i also have the Landscape colorway to coordinate with it. it has green, brown and white. it will be nice to have a little something for myself. i think they will look perfect in my pink and green kitchen!

A Few Spring Visitors

26/03/2008 § 5 Comments

here are a few pics of some recent animal visitors we’ve had. we can hardly wait for the rest to show up!

                                                   the tiny black-capped chickadee…

                                                          a hungry gray squirrel…

                                                      and curious Mr. Robin

Another Cute Hoodie

13/03/2008 § 1 Comment

this brings the total up to 4. these are so easy to knit up and with all the BSA colors you can pick from, the color combinations are practically endless! i’m thinking i may do a few solid colors too…

Stitch Markers on Etsy

13/03/2008 § 1 Comment

So i was perusing Etsy (just for fun) and came across a few stitch markers that are too cute! these designers are pretty creative if you ask me. there are about 150+ pages of these little guys and i could only get through about a third of that! each page had so many great creations i would love to buy up but, alas, my budget is not conducive to that…

well, here are a just a few i found that i liked. Enjoy!

from Jeanettejed’s shop:

from dragonladydesign’s shop:

from sunshine’s shop:

from kishcraft’s shop:

from yarndemon’s shop:

from betterbeaditdesign’s shop:

from seejayneknityarns’s shop:

~Happy Birthday To My Sweet Little Daisy!~

12/03/2008 § 2 Comments


Oh my has this last year gone by fast! My little puppy is all grow’d up. (At least she’ll stay small.) She’s a purebred Mini-Daschund. She loves cuddling, snuggling, hugging, kissing, running, barking at her reflection, jumping, taking walks and car rides, playing keep away, playing with the ferrets, people, sleeping in the sun and chewing her raw hides.  We’ve trained her to sit, stay, shake, twirl and fetch. She has brought us hours and hours of fun, laughter and love. She is a great blessing to us all and we are so glad to have her as a part of our family.

~Happy Birthday Sweet Puppy!~

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