Uptown Scarf and Harlot Night

24/04/2008 § 2 Comments

so my super duper great friend emailed me to let me know she snagged a ticket for me to go to the Yarn Harlot! Woo Hoo! now, i admit, i don’t follow the Yarn Harlot that much. BUT, i have at least heard of her and i have visited her blog. i’m so glad i was able to go cause, well, she was fabulously funny, witty and charming. i loved her great stories and her insight into the phenonmenon called the knitting world. an LYS –The Yarnery did a great job of hosting the show and provided lots of entertainment by way of singing tunes “Sound of Music” style with humorous knitting and Harlot references. (there are videos on YouTube i hear) it was quite the night and fun was had by all. we even won door prizes and got chocolate kisses! now that’s a night!

oh, and at the last minute i decided i wanted to wear a knitted item and realized i didn’t have anything. so i dug through my Weekend Knitting book and found the Uptown Scarf by Linda Niemeyer (who happens to be a BSA designer) and ‘went to town’. it’s knit on size 35 needles (they were like those mini baseball bats!) and i think it took maybe 30 whole minutes.

it knit up soooo fast and it wears soooo nice! i used one hank (it calls for 2) of BSA Bulky Hand Dyes in Peace Pink. i’m vertically challenged (5’5″), so an 8ft scarf wouldn’t do me any good. oh this is nice yarn! i think i will make a few more in other colors too just cause it’s so easy and really could be worn with just about anything and at just about anytime for a quick, cute accessory. i highly recommend this pattern and yarn. (i did omit the fringe on the end for this one-not a real ‘fringy’ kinda girl)


There’s A First Time For Everything Right?

23/04/2008 § 2 Comments

my new firsts in knitting are cables, mittens and yarn other than BSA or sock yarn…

so, i took a class to learn how to do cables cause i was under the impression they were very hard to do. well, they sure looked that way to me. i mean, come on, they’re all weaving in and out of eachother and twisted and stuff. they must take time and talent to make right? right? ok, i was wrong…
not too bad huh? i know i’ll be doing more cabling as they are very easy and very cool. the wool was nice to work with too. it’s Rowan Big Wool Fusion. it’s soft enough (i guess i have a sensory thing-must be soft AND wearable) and pretty easy to knit with. very decent. i got it to go with the new mittens i made…

i made the mittens with Lamb’s Pride Bulky and Madil’s Kid Seta. very easy knit and not too shabby on the softness factor. pretty decent colors to pick from too. some good yarn for this kind of knitting.

as you can see, i gave the mitts to my honey so i think the scarf will have to go to someone else. it’s just not the right match for him. he needs a more masculine scarf. i guess i should ask if he would even wear one! come to think of it i’m not sure i’ve seen him wear one…huh.

Help From Dad

22/04/2008 § 3 Comments

lately we have been doing all we can to keep on track with our schooling so we can get an early start on 9th grade this summer. that means a lot of time at home and a lot of ‘nose to the grindstone’ time. i’m pushing Love a bit more than i normally would and requiring more from her the closer we get to 9th grade. if i start ramping up now, i’m hoping it will be an easier transition once we start to really have things count and when the requirements for mastery are greater. that’s the plan anyway. she’s complained a little at times but i know she knows it’s necessary. i also know she understands it WILL get harder and i think she’s becoming more content with where she’s at for the time being.  🙂 

Love really has been doing great at trying to stay on task this year. i help her when she needs (and when I can) and when i can’t, dad steps in. well, ok, he helps continually with Math and Science. i am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who takes time out of his day to help with school. he doesn’t criticize me for not being fluent in those subjects either! he’s usually pretty patient and tries to make learning fun for the both of them. it’s been a great bonding time and i think they are actually enjoying eachothers company. isn’t that sweet?!

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