A Gift For My Love

15/05/2008 § 2 Comments

the pattern:
the yarn:
my sweetie pie, ‘love’-in the yarn:
off and knitting:

wristlet one:

strike a pose:

i made a sample of this in Aqua for Blue Sky last year. it turned out so cute Kayla decided she just ‘had to have a set’ of her own. so, fast forward to finally getting some time, money and yarn and i cast on the first wristlet. it’s an easy knit and the YO’s make a cool pattern. i’ll post more pics for your viewing pleasure as i get to them.


§ 2 Responses to A Gift For My Love

  • Just A Mom says:

    These look lovely blondeknitter~how wonderful that your daughter has been taken with them! I love it when my kids like what I have made them.:)~Twistedinstitches

  • I am so glad you posted these before I went rockclimbing for four days. I have been WAITING! These are amazing…I am so jealous you get to knit all that fabulous Blue Sky yarn. I would say their yarns are by far my favorite. Awesome job.

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