Waxing Nostalgic…

19/05/2008 § 4 Comments

let’s take a casual stroll down memory lane shall we? down the winding path of life that leads us back to that very first day. that very first time, you were in a real yarn shop. close your eyes and remember the sights, the sounds and smells. are you remembering? meandering down aisle after aisle of yarn in all colors, shapes and sizes petting and hugging every fiber in sight while all of these questions raced about your brain: what should i knit? what kind of yarn? which COLOR? what brand of needles?!
as you continue down a main aisle and you’re just about to implode when all of a sudden the clerk sees you and her radar goes up. she briskly comes to you and takes pity on you as she has seen the look on your face so many times before. the look of a newbie knitter (which strongly resembles a deer in headlights, so i’m told). she rushes to your side to let you know you don’t have to make the journey alone. ‘we’re in this together’, she confidently whispers. she then smiles at you and leads you off to find everything you need.
a few hours later, after finally making all of those life or death decisions, you emerge from the doors, as if walking on air, beaming with confidence that you are sure you spent more than you should have. way more than you should have…
ahhhhhhh, memories…
well, for me, this is that project. my ‘first’. i have finally finished it. i am so proud! *sniff, sniff*

finishing the front

one more sleeve


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