Summer 'Schooling'

30/06/2008 § 1 Comment

we usually school year round but in the summer we try to pull back a bit and do a lot more as far as natural science and outdoor-friendly activities. we recently went camping and had a great time taking pictures of all the different bugs and creatures that surrounded us. we would discuss things like species and habitats and what this or that thing would eat. (the mosquito diet was obvious–US!)

we talked about trees and flowers and grasses, birds, insects and all sorts of nature related things. we also talked about camping and outdoor survival, fishing, and canoe use and safety. Love pitched her own tent and took care of all her belongings. we even got some history in while talking about how camping ‘began’ and what it was like to camp in the past. all in all i’d say it was very fun and very educational!

when we arrived home we were very tired, hungry and itchy. we unpacked and talked about lists and storage and cleaning things and taking care of things right away. laundry and cleaning coolers as well as food and meals and how a menu isn’t just for while you’re away, you need to include the days preceding and proceeding your trip. a whole lot of general, practical skills that make for a well-rounded lady were reinforced. yay for camping ‘field trips’!  

i’ll post some pics soon and i’ll also show you how well my first ever veggie garden and my flowers are doing! 😀


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  • hsbliteraryclub says:

    This is Rachel. I am leaving you a comment as the HSB Literary Club because you are on the friends list at the HSB Club. I just wanted to let you know that we will be starting our next book tomorrow. Sorry this is such short notice. 🙂

    We will be reading Enoch Roden's Training by Hesba Stretton. There is a post up at the Club if you want to sign the linky to join us. Posting about it on your blog would be a great way to let others know about the book we are reading and ask them to join us!

    Hope to see your name on the Linky!
    For the HSB Lit Club,

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