Stories of Knitting and Fishing Stories

10/07/2008 § 3 Comments

so there really has been a lot of knitting going on, it’s just all been behind the scenes! we got back from camping, cleaned up and then started right back in to our lives. the trip was great. we had fun. it rained on my birthday BUT we had DQ ice cream cake in the in-laws camper while we played card games and we even braved the rain and did some fishing! yes, in the rain. it was so much fun. i even caught a small mouth bass! woo hoo! it was about 18 or so inches long and pushing 2 pounds-a definite keeper. well, it would have been, if the extremely large and apparently hungry snapping turtle hadn’t decided he wanted a snack! no kidding, the head on this turtle was as big as my hand and it’s body was the size of both my dogs put together. it was like the Loch Ness monster only in Minnesota in Lake Schumway. i lost my fish, but it was very intriguing to watch him devour my fish. i just stood there, mouth gaping in awe. of course i left me camera in the camper to stay warm and dry so you’ll just have to believe my fish tale. it really happened. honest. just ask my brother in law who found the fish head still strung to the line with no body! his reaction was priceless.


§ 3 Responses to Stories of Knitting and Fishing Stories

  • ali says:

    That happened to me!! Only it was my first Northern! I was sooooo bummed! But, it was kinda funny…The campground manager came around to remind us to keep our catches in a big wire basket, because they’d had some snatched by a menacing turtle… his warning was probably an hour too late…Happy belated birthday anyway!Happy knitting-ali

  • That is sooo funny! I would have loved to see that. I have never seen a turtle in the wild…we just don’t have turtles in Calgary – well, except in a pet store đŸ™‚ Glad you had a nice time away and happy birthday (belated!).

  • Alison Boon says:

    What a cheeky turtle

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