As I Sit Here…

17/07/2008 § 2 Comments

i can hear the gentle roll of occasional thunder and the drip, drip, drop of rain. ok, it’s a little more constant than that and even with all the windows i have it’s almost dark enough to turn a light on-but i’m resisting. outside, my garden is burgeoning with ripened goodies that are anxious to be picked but, alas, it will have to wait for a dryer time. in the meantime…

behind me i can also hear the very faint attempts at chirping by our new baby finches. there are 2 right now. it’s an amazing thing. yesterday we got a sneak peek at baby #1 in all its newborn glory. it came complete with tiny beak, tiny head, tiny arms and so on. simply too adorable for words right down to its Albert Einstein ‘hairdo’. since the proud parents are named Westley and Buttercup it seemed only fit to name it Waverly as my astute daughter pointed out. (ahhh just warms the heart huh?) we were no sooner all a flutter with ‘baby news’ than all of a sudden we realized another little something. yep, another little baby was making its little presence known to us! baby #2 has joined us but is yet unnamed. we’re open to suggestions (anyone?). it may actually depend on what their genders will eventually reveal themselves to be, but i’m open.

we are now knee deep in amazing life and tiny cuteness. there are 3 more eggs and as you can imagine we are on pins and needles waiting to see if there will be yet another little biddy baby bird birth. i haven’t really been able to get a real clean pic of the happy little growing family yet, but when i do, i will most definitely post it.


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